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Oliver Osuji, the most engaging OAP in Kano State

The media landscape in Kano State, Nigeria is very competitive with several organizations striving for attention of audiences using interesting contents. The broadcast media landscape in the state has several enlightened and skilled On-Air Personalities (OAPs) who know what it takes to keep audience members loyal to a station. Kano State has a number of radio and television stations offering top quality programmes to attract audience and ensure survival. The OAPs play crucial roles in the survival of stations as the audience members queue behind stations with the best of the best presenters. Some of the best OAPs in Northern Nigeria are in Kano. Among them is Oliver Osuji, the most engaging OAP in Kano State.

Oliver grew up in Kano State where he had his education. He attended Rumfa College, Kano for his secondary education. He is also studied at Kano State Polytechnic. He developed interest in broadcasting from an early stage in life as a result of which he took up employment at Wazobia FM once the opportunity presented in 2011.

Oliver, also known as Gymnastic, is an OAP, actor, comedian and event manager. He joined wazobia FM in 2011. Gymnastic is the host of “weekends Jollyfication”. It is a family entertainment programme which comes up every to 12 noon sat & sun. He is also well known by his listeners as “Okorokanze” on Ogene show. He is an OAP who attracts many listeners to wazobia fm with his engaging presentation style.

Oliver is one OAP and social media influencer whose success story has inspired many young men into developing a passion for broadcasting. He is among the best OAPs in Northern Nigeria.

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