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Oguta Lake Confluence Is An Ecological Wonder! (Video)

Oguta lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria. This finger-shaped lake is located in Oguta (pronounced Ugwuta), Imo State of Nigeria. Oguta town shares boundaries with Anambra, Delta and Rivers States, and Oguta is the headquarters of the Oguta Local Government Area of  Imo State and it is one of the four crude oil producing Local Governments in the State.  Oguta, a town made up of 27 villages, was one of the first territories used by the British to advance into the Igbo hinterland.

Oguta lake has a beautiful scenery which makes it a top tourism destination in Imo state, attracting tourists from across the world. It is the largest natural lake in Imo, and the entire South-East of Nigeria. This lake is very essential to the people of oil-rich Njaba River basin including Oguta, Orsu, Mgbidi, Nkwesi, Osemotor, Awo-Omamma and Izombe as a source of water, fish, tourism and an outlet for sewerage. Uhamiri is the goddess of the Lake. The adding to the exciting environment of the lake is the fact that it is surrounded by a thick forest of oil palm plantations giving it an atmosphere of nature in its original beauty.

One unique feature of Oguta lake is the confluence of the Blue water and the Muddy Urashi River. This particular spot is where two distinct colours of water “meet” without mixing. This confluence could be described as a magnificent ecological wonder and this is one top attraction that keeps tourists visiting Oguta lake in large numbers. You require a 15-minute speedboat ride into the creeks to experience this wonder of creation as it is a bit far from the shore. As you approach this confluence spot on the lake, the water splits into two distinct colours – brown on one side and blue on the other. They flow side by side without mixing despite the fact that they are not separated by natural or man-made barriers.

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The myth behind the Oguta lake confluence, according to the villagers, is that the two rivers were both married as man and wife. The blue water is known as Ogbuide which is believed to be female, while the brown water known as Urashi is the male and husband. The story has it that the husband and wife had a quarrel after which they separated and since then they have flowed separately.

Generally, Oguta lake is one of the environmental beauties located in South Eastern Nigeria which is a prime destination for tourists who love to keep in touch with nature.

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