Thursday , May 26 2022

‘Ogogoro’! Agent of Death

If you refer to this drink as locally brewed gin, then it will sound friendly, polished, safe, recreational, and ‘undemonic’. But if you call it by any of its ‘spiritual’ names – Ogogoro, ‘Kai Kai’, Okpeteshi, monkey tail or ‘Sapele Water’ – you will know that it is a demonic drink that has come on a mission as ‘agent of death’.

But many still do not care or pretend not to care. They still go after this drink and gradually commit suicide. For those who cannot do without drinking Ogogoro, note that you are committing suicide. Just as Bright Chimezie sang in his hit track (apologies to him), while you are taking this drink, everyone around you should be singing…. “Police Leeee…. Police Leeee, the ‘stupid’ man wey dey here, is committing suicide o!”

Those of you who still drink this, I hope you know what is happening here?


What else do you want government to do here? The federal government of Nigeria has clamped down on its consumption since 2015 due to the spate of deaths that has been recorded in different parts of the country. This was after more than 25 people died after consuming Ogogoro contaminated with ethanol in Ondo State, and another 38 people reportedly died in Rivers State after drinking the same locally brewed ‘Ogogoro’. This is a drink that has killed hundreds of Nigerians, yet people still patronise the sellers.

So what do you think can be done to check the continued cases of ‘death by Ogogoro’?

Please make your suggestion.

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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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