Office workers shocked as randy couple in neighbouring building have very public s3x in full view of their window (Watch Video)

A raunchy couple were caught having very public sex while office workers in the neighbouring building got a full glimpse of the naughty act.

Office workers with a full view of the cheeky act burst out in laughter and disbelief as the couple did the dirty without shutting the curtains.

The hilarious video was posted on Twitter with the caption “Exhibitionists or Monday morning bend unawareness?”

The workers struggled to focus on their mundane Monday tasks and burst into hysterics at the “show” in the next building.

Onlookers in the neighbouring building can be heard chattering in disbelief as the pair go about their business – probably unaware of their audience.

One viewer, replying to the quote online, described the extraordinary scene as “breakfast and a show.”

Another called the pair “legends”, adding that “everyone laughing at them are the ones not getting any in their life.”

One onlooker from the office just hung her head while watching the spectacle, while the cameraman struggled to keep the shot straight while wheezing with laughter.

CLICK HERE to watch video

(The Sun UK)

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