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Obi Cubana’s Roommate In School Opens Up, How They Lived In Akintola Hall

Socialite and business man Obi Iyiegbu (Obi Cubana) is still the most popular name in the country following the high level celebration of his mother’s burial last weekend in his home town Oba Anambra state. After the ceremony which saw many of his friends coming out to splash wealth as a way of celebrating him, virtually every aspect of his life and businesses came to limelight especially on social media.

Massmediang caught up with his room mate at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) where he studied Political Science from 1994 to 1998. His room mate, who simply identified himself as Chukwudi said he stayed with Obi Cubana back then in their 100 level. He was studying Industrial Chemistry while Obi Cubana was studying Political Science. They stayed together in Room 417 Akintola Hall, Nsukka. They were four in the room and all had a good relationship.

Chukwudi told Massmediang that Obi Cubana’s nick name back then was Yankee and he was a humble and accommodating young man. Chukwudi said Obi Cubana started exhibited willingness to assist others as far back as his university days.

“Yankee (Obi Cubana) was a nice guy back then. His willingness to assist people didn’t start today. Back then he wasn’t even among the richest students. He was just above average economically but he was always willing to share with others. We stayed together in year one before he moved out to stay off campus.”

“Back then Yankee (Obi Cubana) will take you to canteen to eat even when he didn’t have much. He would make sure you didn’t have problem with feeding if you had any challenge. As his room mate I found him very nice and accommodating.”

Chukwudi further said he was not surprised that Obi Cubana had attained this level of philanthropy as he had shown these signs way back at UNN. “He has always been a nice guy. You can ask his other friends and classmates. As for attending lectures, he was also very regular in class because back then you hardly found any student that missed lectures. People were willing to learn back then, so by default, we were all very regular in class.”

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