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Novena University Shutdown Over Death Of Student, Protest

Following the protest staged by the students of the institution, which resulted in the destruction of properties and facilities at the main campus, the management of Novena University, Ogume, Kwale, Delta State, has ordered the closure of the University.

The students protested the death of their colleague, a 300-level student, who died in an auto accident, while returning from a trip to withdraw money from an Automated Teller Machine, in the town.
The students claimed that the insensitivity on the part of the management of the institution resulted in her death, as there were no functional ATM services in the campus.

According to a statement released by the management, the closure is to allow it effect repairs on the damaged facilities.

The statement also ordered all the students to quit the campus within 24 hours. Reports have it that students were seen on Thursday morning, packing bags and baggage and moving out of the hostels to their different homes.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Amnesty Programme of the school, in a statement, signed by its President, Igbiriki Julius Timi, has commiserated with the family of the deceased student, while also expressing regret over the incident in which properties and facilities were damaged.

The student body also pleaded with the authority of the school, to involve all the stakeholders of the institution, while taking its decision on resolving the issue.

The tersely worded statement reads in part; ‘We the presidential amnesty students Novena University (PAP students) sincerely regret the death of our student, Miss Kelechi, who died on a ghastly motor accident on Tuesday 01/05/2018. We condole with her family, relatives and friends.

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Kelechi, the deceased

“It is so painful and heart breaking that she had to depart from us (Novena students) and never to return. Late Kelechi, a 300 level student of PCH department died, because she had to effect a banking transaction at Abraka, due to the long existing poor banking services being operated by Skye bank, in the school premises.

”The unfortunate incident had, triggered a massive protest in the school on Wednesday (02/05/2018) resulting in Novena students declaring yesterday as black Wednesday. “Students that massively came out for the protest cuts across, all the sections of the students, these include, self-sponsored students and amnesty students in the school.

“It is unfortunate and regrettable that the protest degenerated into a violent one, leading to destruction of school properties, ATM machines, and other valuables belonging to the bank. “We regret the actions taken by the entire students of the university and we  call on the management of the institution, to look into the issues that led to these unfortunate incidents. “It has come to our (PAP students) notice that, the blame for the  protest is been heaped on the amnesty students only and that some members of the school management are currently compiling the names of amnesty students, ostensibly, in order to place heavy sanctions on them.

” We  want to  use this medium to let the school management know that firstly, the protest  was not staged  by amnesty students only. Secondly, the protest was carried out and supported by over Ninety percent of all the students present in the university.

“Thirdly, we would not accept the alleged conspiracy by some members of the school management, to expel our students for a protest that was carried out by the entire students. The student body warned that it would not allow its members to be unjustly treated.

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“The school authorities should know that for we (amnesty students),an injury to one is an injury to all”. Continues the statement;

“We would stand to protect ourselves on just issues, and cannot be intimidated or used as scapegoats. “If the school authorities truly want to expel students on a just ground, they should expel all students that were seen marching together in blacks, singing solidarity songs together on during the protest.

“We call on the school management to look into these issues properly in order to avoid suspicions and conflicts.

“As much as we sincerely condemn the actions of the entire Novena students, we want to appeal and advise the school management to involve the leadership of the PAP, and other stakeholders, including  the student representatives before taking actions that may turn out to be unjust and unfair tro any of the parties”.



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  1. Nawa o …deaths everywhere and funny enough they are all youngsters. May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

  2. May her gentle soul rest in peace

  3. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

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  5. So sad.. Rip
    Okeke Chioma Onyinye

  6. so bad for an institution not to have a functioning ATM

  7. hmmmm….. vandalization will not bring back d dead

  8. chain..deaths everywhere..


    It’s indeed pitiful what a world ,rip dear


    So sad rip dear

  11. Chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    It’s so painful for someone to die like dat but d school should do something about it.Ansu should learn from dis.

  12. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    why will the students not destroy the properties… All schools know is to always tag prices on every single tin a student lay his/her hand on in the school…they can never provide what the students need..if they expel any student, let the students continue with their destructive demonstration… Everything is all about their pocket,….LEAD US WELL AND WE WILL FOLLOW YOU WELL

  13. heyaa may get soul rest in peace but this issue of Atm paraba is tomuch is now like a general problem

  14. Ehya.. May her soul rest in peace

  15. Nwankwo chinaza Blessing

    Rip dear

  16. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    What a shame

  17. So much death everywhere.. Nawa oooo

  18. This is really bad….. May her soul rest in peace.

  19. Ebeledike Ifunanya

    Nawa ooh this is not funny at all.How can an institution get an working ATM machine and put the life of one it’s student wonders shall not end

  20. so painful… RIP .I love group when they agree in one thing and do it (one love).

  21. Rip dear. may ur soul rest in d blossom of the Almighty God.

  22. Its terrible… death everyday

  23. may the soul rest in the blossom of the Almighty God.

  24. This is so bad rest in peace God knowns the best

  25. May their souls rest in perfect peace Amen….. so sad news.

  26. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    RIP!! Even with the huge amount of school fee being paid,no standard facility?? Very bad!
    Iloegbunem Emily

  27. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    May her soul rest in peace.

  28. Just one student died and see what they are doung to the school. In COOU, we ve lost 3 students and 1 little girl. My brethren, the school is still waxing strong

  29. Chukwurah chinwike chritopher

    May her soul rest in peace

  30. Onyia Mary ogochukwu

    Rip dear

  31. what a shame! just because of the death of one student

  32. so painful may het soul rest in peace

  33. so painful… The school management should provide a functional ATM service in the campus

  34. Okonkwo Chukwunonso

    It is so painfully they have to loss their life like these,may their soul rest in peace

  35. Imagine no ATM machine in school
    so sad rest in peace

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