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North Koreans Now Relying On Dog Meat Soup To Survive Summer

Sweet dog meat is regarded as stamina food in Both North and South Korea. This dish is traditionally eaten during the hottest time of the year in these countries, and this what people in North Korea are currently relying on to survive the summer heat.

Served with that glass of beer, restaurants in the country are now offering bowl after bowl of the season’s biggest delicacy, spicy dog meat soup.

The dates for eating this sweet dog meat, also known as “dangogi”  are fixed according to the lunar calendar. This year, the dish was served on July 17 and 27, and will be served on August 16, three of the hottest days this year.

On both sides of the Demilitarised Zone, dogs used for their meat are raised on farms.

“It’s been our national food since olden times,” explained Kim Ae Kyong, a waitress at the Pyongyang House of Sweet Meat, the largest dog specialty restaurant in the North Korean capital. “People believe that heat cures heat, so they eat dog meat and spicy dog soup on the hottest days. It’s healthier than other kinds of meat,” she added.

There’s a variety of special dog dishes on the restaurant’s menu, including ribs, hind legs and boiled dog skin.

This traditional practice is actually attracting protests from the youngest generation of Koreans.
The protest groups are increasing pressure to ban dog meat altogether.

(With inputs from AP)

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