Wednesday , December 8 2021

No Where to Hide! Plus-size Secondary School Girl Gives Birth to Baby Boy in Hostel After Hiding Pregnancy from Authorities With Her Fat Body

A female student of a secondary school in Malawi has delivered a baby boy in the hostel.

An eyewitness says the girl who is very fat was able to conceal the pregnancy from her parents and school authorities with her size.

This incident happened on Sunday at Ligowe Private Secondary School in Thyolo, Malawi.

The eyewitness further said that on the day the incident happened, the girl began to sweat profusely and her friends thought it was fever she had. They started fanning her while waiting for the school authorities to arrive. Before they could get her to a hospital she gave birth to a baby boy inside the hostel.

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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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  1. Ezeakudo mirabel

    Wonders shall never end!
    Quiz no:119

  2. This is an abnormal event. That girl put the life of her child at risk the baby would have died what an insolent. Their is God oooo!

  3. wonders shall never seize to end in this world, what a comic/sad story.girls out there should please be careful with their lives qhat if the whole store turns out to be death probably because of complication during her secretive times.the story is just so funy.57

  4. “There is God oh! ”
    quiz No 106 (straight news report)

  5. this is a bad act
    why will she do that

  6. ifediniru chidike

    i suggests schools should Constantly organise social gathering to keep information about premarital sex floating. (110)

  7. Amene Chidera Doris

    Seriously this girl risked her life and the babies life for concealing the truth…I wonder how she coped for 9 months
    Quiz number 77

  8. What is this world turning into .schools should learn to teach about premartial sex and its consequences. Quiz no 100

  9. Her mother is not worthy to be called a mother,How can how her daughter hide pregnancy 4 9months without her knowing.. Anyways some mothers can be careless….Quiz number 26

  10. Nothing can be hidden under the sun…..I wonder wetn the baby go dey chop self…

    Quiz number 7

  11. ojimba ogochukwu o.

    well, its time all the mother wake up from their sleep.

  12. nwoye mary chioma

    Students should learn to b careful… is not for sexuality pleasure ……surely their will b temptation but its is worth the fight…….this should serve as an exampleto all others

    Quiz no 16

  13. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    This is the biggest risk one could ever take


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