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Nike’s new Advert is the world’s best commercial in 2020! (Video)

If you’ve not seen this advert just make sure you do so now! Don’t even spend a second more without viewing this masterpiece. This Nike advert is probably the best piece of creative art the world has seen for now. It has unbelievable technical details that will make you wonder how people could go to extremes just to pass across a message in very few seconds.

Nike is definitely known for its exceptional commercial but the company seems to have outdone itself with its latest advertisement.

The advert is entitled ‘You Can’t Stop Us’. In this ad, Nike’s creative agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland has stitched together old videos in a way that is being praised as a marvel of editing on social media.

The ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ ad uses archival footage to deliver a message on the unifying power of sports at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has cancelled or postponed several sporting events. The 1 minute 30 seconds video features the likes of Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick and, for a split second, the Indian women’s cricket team.

One line from the massively viral ad sums it up its message of hope nicely: “No matter how bad it gets, we will always come back stronger.”

With a voiceover by American soccer player Megan Rapinoe, the powerful advertisement features 36 pairings of athletes using a split screen. Nike’s team reportedly combed through 4,000 pieces of footage to create the astonishing montage that has won high praise on social media, collecting more than 13 million views in less than a day on Twitter alone.

“Because as athletes*, we are never alone. Sport unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together,” the apparel and footwear company wrote while releasing the ad on YouTube. “You can’t stop sport. Because you can’t stop us.”

Watch the Nike ad below:

The ad has garnered over 13.4 million views on Twitter, and another 7.3 million on YouTube. Take a look at some of the comments it has garnered:



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