Tuesday , October 3 2023

Nightmare! How The ‘King Of Water Demons’ Visited Queen Of Angels Lodge Otoko (Watch Unbelievable Video)

It was a nightmarish experience that may never be forgotten by occupants of Queen Of Angels Lodge, Otoko, Anambra State, where some students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (COOU), Igbariam campus reside.

Flooded corridor on the ground floor

From the main road, the building looks like a castle but what you may never have been able to guess is that it is a castle waiting to be swallowed by midnight flooding.

This was what transpired at about 2am on Wednesday, September 26, when heavy rains ended up transforming the ground floor of the building into underwater rooms.

Flooded room at Queen of Angels lodge
Occupants of rooms on the ground floor were trapped inside by flood water
Fence broken down by the flood water

Several students living in the rooms on the ground floor were woken up by screams of their colleagues and sound of flooding. It was already late. Their doors were in fact, jammed by the flood water which broke down the fence of the building and overwhelmed the ground floor. Property worth hundreds of thousands of Naira were lost by students.

Watch unbelievable video below:

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  1. The flood really caused a lot of damage….. This made me remember Titanic movie when the ship Hit the iceberg and water started flowing inside the ship before the ship sank.

  2. hmm, this is unbelievable oo…what is the school planing for those student that lost there properties and files in the water…?

  3. Oh my God…..may God help them to restore whatever they’ve Lost…it’s a pity

  4. Sylvester Sylvester

    Igbonekw sylvester

    Odikwa egwuoo

  5. Okere Favour Udochi

    Jeez, which kind lodge bi dis, hw e take happen, this is muy malo

  6. Ah God ooo at lot of stuffs destroyed. God help the occupants

  7. oh my God what is this, your life and your credentials are the most important thing here

  8. HAHAHA, that’s papa ewater.

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