Thursday , May 19 2022

Night versus Day Vigil! Nigerians Hold Pro and Counter ‘Buhari Go Home’ Vigils in Front of Abuja House London, (See video of night vigil and pictures of day vigil)

Nigerians in London seem to have found a new battle ground to prove to the world that the nation is not one at all.

President Muhammadu Buhari was denied sleep yesterday after a group of Nigerians held a vigil in front of Abuja House in London using mega phone to chant, sing and shout “Buhari Go Home”. They did that all night, asking him to return to Nigeria.

They also lit candles and had Nigeria’s flag spread across rails to show their seriousness.

Watch video here:

But another Pro-Buhari rally was held by another group of Nigerians telling the president to “Carry Go”.  This rally also took place Abuja House in London. This group of Nigerians was pictured with placards urging President Buhari to carry on.  What seems to be the confusion here is whether they are asking the president to carry on being sick or carry on staying in London.

Meanwhile the presidency has decided to abandon the two groups to continue fighting in London by announcing that President Buhari will be returning back to Nigeria today. It was also announced that he will address Nigerians on Monday.


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