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Nigerians Who Committed Suicide in 2019, See Full List


Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s life. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. It is difficult to anticipate suicide in most instances and this makes it a terribly dangerous menace in any society. What drives so many individuals to take their own lives remains a serious puzzle though depression is at the center of the probable cause, according to scholars and counselors. The fact is that a suicidal person is in so much pain that he or she can see no other option. Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable. A suicidal person is often blinded by feelings of self-loathing, helplessness, hopelessness, and isolation. The person hardly sees any way of finding relief except through death.

Nigeria witnessed an unprecedented spate of suicides in 2019, especially with media coverage of such incidents. Some schools of thought have argued that suicide incidents had existed in Nigeria possibly on a large scale but most of such incidents were never reported in the media. Well, 2019 saw a number of incidents reported in social and mainstream media. The fact is that several articles in the media cite cases that happened across the years. This article contains facts about suicide incidents that occurred in Nigeria in 2019.

A new study has revealed that more Nigerian men committed suicide in 2019 than women. The study carried out by, an independent research group, was a content analysis of reported cases of suicide in both mainstream and social media from January to December 2019. The figures showed that 69 suicide cases were recorded in 2019 out of which 75% (52 persons) were cases involving men while 15% (17 persons) were women. The study further showed that 22 students committed suicide in 2019; 59% of them were male students while 41% were female students. Out of the entire suicide cases, 53 were young adults/adolescents (here operationalized as age 39 and below) while 16 were old adults (here operationalized as age 40 and above). One child (a 9-year-old girl) was involved, which was counted here among the 53 young adults on the suicide incidents list.

Massmediang adopted the data journalism technique in reporting the trend of suicides in 2019 with facts from the study conducted by Full list of all suicide victims is also available.

The complete list of suicide victims in various states of the country was also recorded in the study. Most of the incidents were cross-checked in both social and mainstream media to further measure authenticity of the incidents. The doubtful incidents which appeared in just one or two social media platforms were not recorded.

The study further showed that only three cases were murder-suicide incidents while the rest involved only the suicide victims. Data further showed that the Southwest geopolitical zone recorded the highest suicide incidents with 34 (53%) of the entire cases while the Northeast recorded the lowest with just one case (1%). Southeast had six suicide cases (8%), South South recorded 12 (17%) of the incidents, Northwest recorded six (9%) of the incidents, while North Central geopolitical zone recorded ten (12%) of the incidents.

It was further gathered that the most common method of suicide in Nigeria in 2019 was the use of Sniper insecticide which had 37% of all cases, followed by hanging (28%), and ‘others’ (26%). Others here refers to the use of other methods such as use of gun, jumping into river, setting self ablaze, drinking other chemicals not Sniper, jumping in front of moving truck, among others. Sixteen percent of the methods were not stated in the reports so such incidents were classified as ‘unknown’.

Lagos state had the highest cases of suicide in 2019 with 21 out of the 68 incidents. This was followed by Oyo and Ogun state which had four incidents each, then Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa states which recorded three incidents each. States that had two reported suicide incidents are Osun, Ekiti, Enugu, Anambra, Benue, Imo, Edo, and Kogi. Those that had just one incident of suicide as reported in the media are Ondo, Akwa Ibom, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Zamfara, Borno, Niger, Kwara, Nasarawa, and Plateau state. The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, recorded two incidents. The following states had no suicide incident in 2019, Abia, Ebonyi, Cross River, Sokoto, Bauchi, Yobe, Adamawa, Taraba, and Gombe state.

Note that these cases are based on reports on mainstream and social media. Where an incident appeared only in just one or two social media platforms without presence in mainstream media or a number of other social media such incident was not recorded. Such a report on an incident in Abia State allegedly involving a retired civil servant was not recorded for lacking presence in other news platforms. There were no reported suicide cases in the entire North Eastern states, except one incident in Borno State. Every other zone recorded at least one incident in most of the states in 2019.

Here’s a list of Nigerians who committed suicide in 2019 as reported in the media;


List of Nigerians Who Committed Suicide in 2019

Name Gender Occupation State (where incident occurred) Reason Method Age Month
1 Daniel Sakpe Male Not given Ekiti Not Given Hanging 60 February
2 Not Given Male Not given Niger Depression Hanging February
3 Ridwan Ajiboye Male Student Kwara Embarrassed

By Lecturer

Sniper March
4 Not given Female Not given Lagos Lost three Kids in Building Collapse Sniper March
5 Gbenga Ayotunde Male Not given Ondo Frustration Not given Middle-aged April
6 Chukwukezie Chika Male Not given Anambra Not given Hanging April
7 Mr. O.A. Subair Male Lecturer Oyo Depression Fire/Poison Middle-aged April
8. Adewara Damilola Blessing Female Student Ogun Strained Relationship with  Partner Sniper April
9 Kolapo Olowoporoku Male Student Osun Poor Academic Performance Sniper April
10 Kenile Nwabuzor Female Hair Dresser Lagos Strained Relationship with  Partner Hanging 26 April
11 Rebecca Michael Female Student Kogi Strained Relationship with  Partner Sniper 20 April
12 Tejiri Direia Female Student Delta Frustration Sniper April
13 Hikmat Gbadamosi Female Student Rivers Depression Sniper April
14 Chukwuemeka Akachi Male Student Enugu Mental Illness Sniper May

List of Nigerians Who Committed Suicide in 2019 (Continued…)

Name Gender Occupation State (where incident occurred) Reason Method Age Month
15 John Achagwa Male Civil Servant Borno Frustration Hanging May
16 Mr. “HOD” Male Student Anambra Depression Sniper May
17 Ezekiel Mayowa Male Student Lagos Strained Relationship with Partner Sniper 34 May
18 Ebuka Male Not given Strained Relationship with Partner Sniper May
19 Michael Arawosaiye Male Pastor Abuja Depression Hanging May
20 Amos Ibrahim Male Student Plateau Poor Academic Performance Sniper 17 May
21 Alabo Enai Male Boat Driver Bayelsa Strained Relationship with Partner Hanging 29 May
22 Samuel Iyanuohere Felabita Male Student Kaduna Not given Acidic Substance May
23 Uzakah Timi Ebiweni Male Student Bayelsa Poor Academic Performance Drowned in River May
24 Favour Ekemedili Male Student Lagos Not given Sniper May
25 Oluwaseyi Ishmael Male Businessman Lagos Inability to Pay House Rent Not given 45 May
26 Kaivi Kayode Female Businessman Lagos Lost N7,000

She Made from Business

Sniper 22 May
27 Seun Adedutan Male Pastor Lagos Not given Sniper May
28 Enifeh Omomo Male Not given Lagos Not given Hanging 42 May


Name Gender Occupation State (where incident occurred) Reason Method Age Month
29 Omotola ‘Ola Brain’ Male Unemployed Lagos Frustration Hanging 27 June
30 Oliver Osieme Male Truck Driver Bayelsa Not given Hanging 45 June
31 Femi Oguntumi Male Teacher Kano Not given Hanging June
32 Samuel Elias Male Student Enugu Poor Academic Performance Sniper 25 June
33 Johnson Onyilo Male NYSC Member Oyo Frustration Not given June
34 Christabel Omoye Owoiche Female Student Edo Strained Relationship with Partner Sniper June
35 Solomon Benedict Male Student Kebbi Finacial Problem Sniper 29 June
36 Augustine Okpako Male Not given Delta Frustration Fumigation Chemical 20 July
37 Not given Male Not given Oyo Not given Jumped In front of Trailer July
38 Joshua Uwaila Male Not given Edo Not given Stabbed Self July
39 Not given Male Not given Osun Not given Jumped Into River July
40 Nsisong Okon Etim Male Not given Akwa Ibom Frustration Hanging 27 July
41 Ajisafe Adeola Female Student Ogun Poor Academic Performance Sniper July
42 Ogbunbanwo Emmanuel Male Student Ogun Poor Academic Performance Not given August
43 Seyi Onayemi Male Not given Lagos Not given Sniper 37 August
44 Pastor Tunde Male Pastor Ogun Frustration Sniper August


45 Opeyemi Grace Dara Female Student Osun Poor Academic Performance Sniper August


46 Ibeakanma Onyechere Male Banker Lagos Not given Sniper 46 August


47 Tobi Miles ‘Rodriguez’ Male Student Abeokuta Financial Problem Sniper August


48 Favour Female Student Delta Strained Relationship with Partner Hanging 14 August


49 Olarewaju Pelepele Male Entertainer Lagos Frustrated Not given September


50 Sunday Meshioye Male Emplyed UNILAG Staff Lagos Not given Sniper September


51 Adenike Fatai Female Tailoring Apprentice Lagos Depression Sniper 25 September


52 Papa Ebuka Male Tricylce (Keke) Rider Bayelsa Lost Bet9ja


Hanging Middle-aged September


53 Badamasi Musa Male Unemployed Katsina Mental illness Hanging 35 September


54 Not given Female Not given Jigawa Not given Hanging September
55 Not given Male Not given Imo Depression Hanging 70s October
56 Not given Male Police Inspector Lagos Frustration Gun shot October
57 Opeyemi Oluwafemi Male Not given Ekiti Frustration Hanging 17 October
58 Aisha Female Not given Zamfara Inability of Fiance to marry her due to lack of money Set self ablaze October
59 Samson Male Unemployed Not given Unemployment Not given October
60 Paul Joseph Male Police Officer Imo Frustration Gun shot November
61 Mariah Abah Female Pupil Benue Not given Hanging 9 November
62 Emmanuel Obiefuna Male Unemployed Lagos Frustration Not given 30 November
63 Prince Digbani Male Student Rivers Frustration Sniper November
64 John Markus Male Police Officer Abuja Frustration Gun shot December
65 Joy Osain Female Fruit seller Bayelsa Strained relationship with partner Sniper 28 December



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