Nigerians Shocked After Successful Nollywood Actress Was Seen In Suicide Attempt, You’ll Be Surprised She Has “Good”Reasons For That (Photos)

What else can you say about suicide and celebrities after watching this? Checkout these photos of a Nigerian actress in suicide attempt but you need to read the story to find out why she wanted to take her life before she was rescued. You won’t believe she has “good”reasons for that.

The Nigerian actress (note that both males and females are now called actors) shared shocking photos of her movie stunt which left tongues wagging on social media.

The suicide stunt that got people talking
Nollywood seems to be improving by the day after a stunt was made to look so real that many people thought it was a real suicide.
The actress, Anna Tanko who played the role could be seen hanging from a rope in a scene depicting suicide attempt. Many people had shared the photos thinking that it was a real suicide attempt but, the actress revealed that it was just a movie scene.
The improved stunt has left many with hope that Nollywood will someday reach the level of Hollywood.
Tanko shared the photos posted by the creative director who wrote: “The director shared the photo with; Brave actor… Thanks for believing me when I told you I won’t really kill you @annatanko52 . Practical effect by 2thpickart #names written, produced, directed, production design by Adeoye Adebayo Adetunji #art #film #movie#suicide.”

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Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. Omg… i was really scared and anxious to read d story

  2. Ikegbunam Peter Chierike

    This is her scene sir. She can’t be that stupid

  3. Ikinimore Roseline

    Wow! Kudos to Nollywood.

  4. Ndubuisi Miracle Queen

    Now the headline is very catchy. One would get scared and think that it was an actual attempt.

    1. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

      You’re right…was really curious

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