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Nigerian Social Media Users Threaten to Boycott CNN After Richard Quest Marries His Male Partner

Some social media users in Nigeria have reacted negatively to news that CNN anchor, Richard Quest got married to his longtime male partner, Chris Pepesterny.

Quest had made the announcement on Instagram, writing: “We said ‘I Do’ at the weekend. Happiest day of our lives.”

The two got engaged in May 2019, after his lover agreed to the journalist’s marriage proposal.

In March, they were forced to postpone their wedding but promised to tie the knot before the end of the year.

Quest announced at the time: “Today Chris and I were supposed to get married in London. Of course we had to postpone. Sad but necessary.  We will marry later in the year, with a bigger party. I wanted to acknowledge how we are all facing such difficult times, in so many different ways. This too shall pass.”

The news of Quest’s marriage to his male partner had mixed reactions among social media users in Nigeria, with some saying they would boycott CNN because of this. Some others congratulated him, wishing him well in his married life. Some social media users expressed disappointment that their favorite anchor was gay. In Nigeria, the law prohibits homosexuality especially if expressed publicly. Probably, the social media users were expressing their feeling from the African perspective where being gay is not fashionable.

Here are some of the reactions;

“So this man na gay?”

Another user wrote;

“I won’t (watch) his show again. But fagot.”

Another user wrote;

“I swear, it dey pain me when person wey suppose understand no come understand, it dey pain me reach Belle….. Imagine Richard the son of Quest”

Another user wrote;

“This is why CNN hates Trump. Sodomites on free express to HELL FIRE”

Another user wrote;

“I’m blocking CNN in my decorder”

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