Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His Girlfriend In Italy (photos)

A very sad incident has been shared on facebook by a disturbed man. He shared the story of a man stabbed to death by his girlfriend in Italy. Read story here.

A woman who was reportedly fighting with her boyfriend has allegedly stabbed him to death. According to reports, a young man identified as Evangelist Igg has passed away after he was allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend. It was gathered that the tragic incident occurred while the couple was fighting in a nightclub in Italy. The pair had reportedly been having disagreements before going to the club where they were later spotted dancing with each other.

Photo source: Facebook user Gallant Qvng
The deceased and his girlfriend were later seen arguing when she allegedly picked up a bottle and stabbed him with it. Igg was reported to have slumped to the floor immediately before his friends could administer aid. Man allegedly stabbed to death The two were reportedly fighting when the incident occurred Photo source: Facebook user Gallant Qvng
It was gathered that the deceased died shortly after the incident due to the fact that there was no experienced person at the scene who could administer first aid before paramedics showed up. Friends and family of the deceased share their condolences on social media. A friend identified as Gallant Qvng also shared her condolence on Facebook .


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