Sunday , November 26 2023

Nigerian Man Reportedly Jumps From Two-Storey Building In Dubai Over Family Pressure

A young Nigerian man working in Dubai has unsuccessfully attempted suicide by jumping off a two-storey building due to incessant calls from family back home to send money for pressing problems.

An unidentified young Nigerian man who recently travelled to Dubai, has been rescued after he reportedly jumped from a 2-storey building in Abu Hail area of the country in an apparent suicide over family pressure.

According to an eyewitness who shared the story on a popular online platform, the young man who just started work in Dubai, has been receiving different calls from home asking him to send money to help solve pressing family problems.

As a result of the numerous calls from home, he was emotionally pressurized to take his own life, but was rescued as residents who described him as having some mental issues, called the Police on him. He was later released by the security operatives after he signed some documents, and he has gotten back to work.


The witness who narrated the story, called on the victim’s family members to reduce the pressure on him so that he won’t be thinking of jumping off from a 2-storey building or other forms of suicide again.





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