Nigerian Dads Can Now Breastfeed Their Babies, Thanks To New Japanese Device

Nigerian dads and other fathers across the world can now do more than just helping their wives to carry the baby.

A Japanese company has taken breastfeeding to another level with a new device that allows men to participate. The device has two fake breasts which could trick any baby into thinking that the milk was coming from ‘original source’.

The new Japanese product was designed by a company called Dentsu which allows dads to “breastfeed” their babies by using the wearable device that holds milk or formula, reports Practical Parenting.

The product was showcased at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and is called the “Father’s Nursing Assistant.”

The device has two fake “breasts” and lets dads feed their babies and promotes skin-to-skin contact between fathers and infants. One side holds milk or formula and the other side contains the nipple system.

The device doesn’t just feed the baby, it also tracks data about breastfeeding sessions and transmits the info to the father’s smart phone.

According to Dentsu, the device was created with “advice from pediatricians and babysitters, who say that babies tend to touch the breast with their hands when feeding and that the softness seems to sooth them, the product has been shaped to resemble a woman’s breasts.

“As a result, a father can hold his baby in both of his arms, creating a deeper skin ship between them and enabling the baby to sleep peacefully in his father’s arms.”

While the device is not for sale yet, Dentsu say they hope the product will reduce parental stress and the burden placed on mothers.


The Author

Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.


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  1. oluoha chinelo lorita

    wow,dis is very nice ….

  2. How can this serve as breastfeeding…..I think is for relaxation when they are in their father’s arm

  3. Chiemerie Blessing. N.

    women would now be relieved of breastfeeding.

  4. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    this is wonderful…but is this normal?

  5. Ezekwo Chinenye Josephine

    this is funny but nice

  6. Strange invention. But it will definitely help single fathers

  7. Nwangene Blessing George

    What? This is very strange

  8. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Nawa ooo, ndi Japan everyday new device

  9. Nwakile Maureen Uzoma

    It’s good so that mothers can now rest

  10. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    All thanks to Japanese and their devices

  11. Chiekwe Blessing. N.

    women will now be relieved of breastfeeding.

  12. Okere Favour Udochi

    Nice one, a really helpful one indeed

  13. Chukwunedu Nkechi. F.

    This is really brilliant. It will help bring closeness between fathers and their babies and also reduce stress for the mothers.


    This Is serious!!

  15. Okeke Cynthia Chinecherem

    Wonders shall never end…anyways, the concept is good. This will be of good help to men who lost their wives at child birth. Also, it will reduce the burden of breastfeeding for women….

  16. Chiekwe Blessing. N.

    women will now be relieved of breastfeeding.

  17. Aguinam-ojukwu faustina

    incredibly funny and unbelievable

  18. Micheal Nwazuloke

    Nothing wey we know go see ohh.

  19. Ntoruka Maryjane
    this is very interesting, soon they will produce duplicate wife or husband

  20. This is nice but I pray its safe enough for the babies..
    Dibia Esther

  21. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Wow interesting,there is nothing technology has not done

  22. This is unbelievable… I think is good

  23. Hmmm.. I don’t think the fake breast is a good idea

  24. Okeke chidiebere linda

    Wow… its nice and good

  25. This is absolutely not acceptable… Wat nonsense…I wonder wat dis world is turning into

  26. This is so hilarious
    A breast feeding device for men

    Will this ever get to Nigeria

  27. This is nice just hope its safe enough for the babies.

    Dibia Esther

  28. Ogbonna Ozioma Florence

    I think I like this 😊😊

  29. The future is here with new inventions

  30. Technology at it again, soon all the human dealings would be covered by the use of technology

  31. Father’s nursing assistant indeed, there is nothing I will not see in this world, technology ooo

  32. Patrick loveth onyinye

    Jesus….what a World we are,is a wonderful development and a welcome one at that, please it should come to Nigeria,now women won’t be doing yanga for their husbands

  33. Okeke chioma onyinye


  34. Father’s nursing assistant indeed, there is nothing I will not see in this world, technology in action

  35. Anagbogu Mary Ifeyinwa

    This is great

  36. these people and their inventions..

  37. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    Wow that is good

  38. Nice

  39. law obilero becky

    very good

  40. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Nice invention


    parenting made easy. I think this is great cos it will foster child dad relationship

  42. Okeke Ezinne Chinasa


  43. Patrick loveth onyinye

    Wowwww….is a welcome development,please it should come to Nigeria so that women will stop doing yanga for their husbands.more of this to come

  44. When will this get to Nigeria, this device will surely help mothers to reduce stress

    1. Anambra men won’t buy this one especially the Nnewi people 😏😏.

  45. Ifejika Celestine

    21st century technology!

  46. This is really nice. I think it’d help reduce parental stress. Whoever brought the idea to creat such device must be very smart.

  47. Obika Juliet Ogechi

    Wonderful.. now women can rest

    1. Thanks to who ever think out this is really nice … It will help working class ladies.

  48. Hmm, hahahaha this Device is really helpful

  49. happiness c. chidume

    I wish Nigeria dads we adopt to dis.Nigeria mums is really suffering.

  50. Hmm, hahahaha this Device is really helpful


  51. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Amazing invention..

  52. Technology is rapidly taking over the world, question is, when will Nigeria join this moving train 🤔😑

  53. Okonkwo Isioma Jane

    Very nice

  54. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    Thank God o I really love this.

  55. Lolz this is very very interesting. At list it will help us women to rest small in nursing a baby especially working class ladies. Because it have never been easy . thanks to who ever that tink out this and the company also.

  56. Igboachusi Jonathan

    Wow…they just made things easier for the women

    1. Thanks to who ever that think out this atlist women especially most working class ladies. it will help very well

  57. Igboachusi Jonathan

    Wow…they just made things easier for the women…

  58. Wow…they just made things easier for the women.

  59. Ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    This is actually good the question is can nigerian men do this??

  60. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    This is really good…atleast it reduces stress for women

  61. Interesting now women can rest thanks to the inventor

  62. Uduji chukwuemerie

    Japan always have something to offer

  63. This will make some women lazy

  64. That’s really a good idea,so babies will stop crying

    1. That is a good invention by Japanese

  65. Emmanuella Ezeifeka

    Some women’s prayers have been answered ooo

  66. Akaforonye oluebube patience

    Wow!what a good news

  67. This thing is an encourage ment to lazy wives

  68. Akaforonye oluebube patience

    Wow!it’s really amazing

  69. that’s awesome ooo

  70. wow!!. This is wonderful
    Okagbue Cynthia

  71. wow!. This is wonderful
    Okagbue cynthia

  72. Wow, this is awesome, now women can rest

  73. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    Technology is truly going to the peak of it. Thank God, to reduce stress for women

  74. Ezedimbu uchenna Vivian

    This is good, men should learn from women what they are going through

  75. Akaforonye oluebube patience

    Wonderful made

  76. This is weirdly cute

  77. Wow!!!The power of technology…. That’s really good.

  78. That’s a good thing, Atleast mothers will get to rest

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