Nigeria, Ghana Women Top Abortion Pills Search List Online – Google Data Shows

Despite restrictive legal guidelines against abortion in Nigeria and Ghana, google data shows that women in these countries are topping the list of those searching for abortion pills online.

This is apparently an attempt to go around the restrictive legal environment against abortion in these countries which has increased curiosity for alternative but legally safe measures to have abortions.

Women in nations against abortion turn to technology to sidestep legal barriers to abortion by shopping for drugs on-line and sharing medical recommendations through WhatsApp groups, women are more and more, reports National Mirror.

There are two main methods of inducing abortion; medical and surgical.

A medical abortion sometimes entails taking a mixture of drugs, Misoprostol and Mifeprostone, to induce a miscarriage. Misoprostol can even go by model names like Cytotec.

Nigeria and Ghana are the 2 nations with the highest search interest in Misoprostol, based on the Google data.

The Nigeria legal environment ids strict on abortion, just allowing it in conditions that place a girl‘s life is in peril.

In Ghana, abortion is solely permitted in instances of rape, incest, foetal impairment or to protect a girl‘s psychological well being.

Of the 25 nations with highest search interest in Misoprostol, 11 are in Africa and 14 in Latin America.
All these nations, except Zambia and Mozambique, ban abortions altogether or permit them solely to avoid wasting a girl‘s life or health.

In Ireland taking abortion drugs carries a 14 years jail sentence

There have been reports of WhatsApp group, in Brazil, helping women get hold of the pills and offering them advice during the procedure.

Via National Mirror

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