New Year Prophecy! Man of God Reveals that a Governor from the Southeast, a Popular Senator, 3 Senators, a Former President, a Traditional Ruler in Yoruba land and Four Governorship Candidates will Die in 2018

The wave of New Year Prophecies has continued with more drama and gloomy picture. This time, a man of God has revealed that a number of politicians will die in 2018.

The General Overseer of the Christ Apostolic Deliverance Evangelic Ministry, CADEM, Mowe, Ogun State, Apostle S. S. Aderigigbe, has revealed what God told him concerning 2018.

The prophet said one senator each from the South East, South West and North will die this year.

According to reports, some of his prophecies in 2017 came to pass .

The cleric also predicted that a governor from the South East part of the country will die in 2018.

See full prophecy below:

1. There will be surplus food and money in 2018. Nigeria will begin to change for the better in 2018.
2. There will be an outbreak of children diseases early in 2018. The Lord said that Nigerians should pray and fast for 3 days before 21st of January to avert the death of children in 2018.
3. We should pray against sudden death of four Northern Governors in 2018.
4. We should pray to avert serious strike action in 2018 as Government will punish lecturers in 2018.
5. We should pray for God’s protection as the rate of kidnappings will be alarming in 2018.
6. A great and popular man of God along Lagos-Ibadan Exp. Way will pass away in 2018.
7. We should pray against plane crash involving powerful people travelling from Abuja early in 2018.
8. We should pray seriously for President Buhari so that the plans of enemies will not re-visit him in 2018.
9. Nigerians should also pray very well for President Buhari for him to return if he travels back for medical treatment in 2018.
10. We should pray against sudden deaths among those contesting for political offices ahead of 2019 general elections.
11. There will be serious conflict/chaos between Egypt and Israel in 2018. This will impact heavily and adversely on Egypt.
12. There will be an outbreak of a new deadly disease in China that will take away life within 5 minutes. We should pray very well to prevent the disease from spreading beyond China.
13. Kogi State will witness another political crisis in 2018. We should also pray for the Governor of the state.
14. One Governor from the Eastern part of the country will die in a road accident in 2018.
15. There will be serious political crisis in South Africa that will claim many lives in 2018.
16. Petrol price will fall massively in 2018. Dollar will also crash in 2018.
17. One popular senator in Lagos will pass away in 2018.
18. There will be great disastrous flood in Lagos Island (from Ikoyi to Lekki) in 2018.
19. There will be serious conflict in the senate which may likely split the nation in 2018.
20. Many actors and actresses will die in 2018.
21. Donald Trump will attempt to attack Korea in 2018 which will shake the world.
22. Three senators will die in 2018 (1 from north, 1 from south east & 1 from south west); One minister in Buhari’s cabinet will die in 2018.
23. A great and famous businessman/entrepreneur will pass away in 2018.
24. There will be minimal road accident in 2018.
25. Ghanaians should pray very well to avert an imminent crisis that may claim many lives in 2018.
26. There will be serious trouble between Donald Trump and the United Nations (UN) in 2018.
27. There will be immense success for SSCE and JAMB students in 2018.
28. One former president in Nigerian will pass away in 2018.
29. Five great and popular professors will die in 2018.
30. One great traditional ruler in Yorubaland will die in 2018.
31. There will be serious fire disaster in a market in Lagos Island in 2018.
32. Nigeria will enjoy economic boom and business activities will thrive well in 2018.
33. We should pray very well for Abuja FCT against Boko Haram attacks in 2018.
34. Trouble looms in Ekiti State due to selection of governorship candidate in 2018.
35. There will be serious catastrophic occurrence in Lagos State that will claim many lives.
36. Four governorship candidates will die in 2018.
37. Many fake ministers of God will be exposed in 2018.
38. A strong political party in Nigeria will fall apart in 2018

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