New Year! APC Will Lose Presidential Election in 2019, Sudden Death for Nigerian Footballers to Die – Primate Nathaniel Releases Shocking 2018 Prophecies

The founder of The Living Christ Gospel Church Nigeria and Overseas, Primate (Dr) Nathaniel F. Olorunsola, has released shocking 2018 prophecies warning politicians of impending doom.
The man of God revealed this at the church’s Annual Miracle Chapel Anniversary (AMICAN), held at the popular Ori Oke Natha in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital.
Primate Olorunsola according to The Tribune lamented that “many people have been destroyed and even frustrated to death by challenges of life as a result of lack of knowledge, direction and enlightenment.”
According to Olorunsola, “the Lord says that the year 2018 would be in perspective as that year would be full of good and bad; so many problems would accompany the year as well as good.”
For instance, he said he saw in 2018, “a deluge of economic blessings on numerous people, especially those who put their trust in God, while many would buy land and build or buy their homes. God will bless all forms of workers with profits, while civil servants and private company workers would receive promotions.”
The cleric also said he saw “teachers receiving their entitlements while many of them would also be promoted with monetary accompaniments.” On the other hand, he predicted a rise in ritual killings, kidnapping for ransom, stadium disasters and “painful deaths of footballers and football coaches.”
He said Nigeria must pray against religious crises, which he said could “lead to deaths and destruction of property,” just as he contended that “herdsmen clashes, as well as Boko Haram terrorism are not over yet.” He also held that “the report of the 2014 National Conference will be a source of uprising as the shouts of the report of the conference will grow and be sustained.”
Olorunsola also said he foresees crisis in the National Assembly in 2018. He said: “In the Senate, there would be pandemonium which would involve the use of chairs and sticks as weapons. The National Assembly would be locked up at a certain period because of crises. There would be attempts to remove the Speaker and the Senate President and his deputy. Prayer is the only solution to this revelation.”
On governance, the cleric said: “the president of this country is best advised to bow out for peace and good health so as to live longer. The Lord warns the president not to contest in the 2019 election. If he does, there is assurance that All Progressives Congress (APC) would lose the contest because of his ill health.”
On the other hand, he held that “the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would experience reactivation across the nation and some powerful members that had left the party would return; the party would be formidable and powerful.” Also on the PDP, Olorunsola predicted that “there would be much antagonism on the selection of the presidential candidate of the PDP.”
Atiku Abubakar, he said, “must work hard and pray hard to achieve his ambition because I see that governors would prefer one of them or a former governor and he must pray hard and work hard to be able to receive favour.”
In the book, he said: “The Lord says that some people aspiring to run for presidency, governorship and the Senate would lose their lives or get killed. There would be crises in some states that may necessitate the declaration of a state of emergency there. There would be crisis of confidence in some APC states and at the federal level that may hinder the progress of the party.”
On the 2018 governorship election in Ekiti State, Primate Olorunsola held that “so many people would vie for the position of governor within the APC, although the PDP would win the governorship race. However, the Lord says it would be Herculean and it would bring rancour and Governor Fayose would sweat as he would face a lot of war at the federal and state levels.”
Further to Ekiti, he predicted that “God would use Fayose for some good works in the South West and at the national level and he would hold an important position at the national level between 2019 and 2025.”
In Osun State, where there would also be a governorship election, the cleric said “the APC would work hard and employ several means possible to retain power in the state. However, PDP can only be successful in the state if they unite and pray hard.”
He held that the year would be a great year for those who obey God’s commandments as, according to him, there would be bountiful harvest in economy, agriculture and manufacturing sectors of the economy.
On sports, he said “a big glory would come to Nigerian team this year. They shall triumph in many competitions and win trophies for the men and women categories; they shall win medals for the nation. However, we should pray for some five players and two goalkeepers to avert sudden death.”

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