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New Ways of Scammers and How I Was Almost Duped In Ikorodu Today, Man Narrates

This is the story how a man was almost duped today in Lagos. The man took to social media to narrate his experience which you might need to know. Here’s the story;

8:30am, a number called my business line saying his name was Mr Wale that he knows me and wants to introduce me to a church member who wants to make an inquiry about make up, and he asks if I was something something touch that he couldn’t remember the name again, truly my company’s name has touch on it. So he asked if I had a pen and paper to take down the woman’s number that I should call her immediately, then get back to him.

So I called the said woman, she was all prayerful thanking me, praising me and I was awed.

She said the company where she works are in need of a makeup artist, that they are celebrating their 25th anniversary and they want to do a beauty pageant.

the woman who was doing it for them before is sick and she’s indisposed at the moment, so Mr Wale recommended me and the way he spoke of me she knew I’ll be very good with the job

She also wants me and her to do a back door deal, that I should tell the boss of the company that each contestants makeup will cost nothing less than 50k each and when the boss agrees to it that we’ll both share it 70% to me and 30% to her, so I agreed.

She told me to send the complete name of my company and it’s address that she’s drafting a letter to send to her boss and she’ll call me back in a minute.

She called five minutes later, saying her boss has agreed to meet me, that I should dressed cooperate and classy and should wait for his call to schedule a meeting.

Now the scam part.
She said there was a deal she and the other woman(the sick woman that does their makeup before) usually do, that there’s a cleaning agent they use for the walkway, so as the contestants not to fall on stage and when the boss ask of this product I should tell him the price is 140k the change on it, we’ll both share it and she’s going to send the number of the supplier to me so as to discuss more on it.

I called the number his name was pastor peter, he said the product per gallon is 100k and that was the final price, so I thought to myself since there’s 40k on top, then the price is fair.

I called Mrs bola to inform her of my discussion with the supplier, she said its a fair price too and that i should await the call of her boss.

Five minutes went to twenty minutes to almost an hour no call from her boss, so I called her to let her know I’ve not seen her bosses call, she told me to hold on that she’ll call him now maybe he’s in a meeting. A minute later he called, we talked about the things that will be needed for the contestants to make them glow and more beautiful on that day, to my surprise he agreed on the price.

The first red flag.
He brought up the issue of the cleaning agent and to be sincere I wasn’t really interested in that aspect of the job but since she wanted me to do it, I had to oblige her.

He said my sister(mrs bola) talked about the cleaning agent and she’s giving him the guarantee that I was supplying the best and it’s made in Germany, that when I’m coming to his office I should bring a sample that he will like to see it for him self.

I called Mrs bola, told her everything we discussed. she advised I call the supplier and I should try to work a deal with him. I called the supplier to please give me a sample that I promise we’ll be buying 30 gallons of it, he said he can’t that Nigerians are not to be trusted, I told him I understand that he should please work out something for me. He said i should call him in the next five minutes that he wants talk to his boss.

I called him five minutes later, he said his boss has agreed in the condition that I deposit half the money, if my client doesn’t like it my money will still be refunded to me. I called Mrs bola, informed her about the discussion the supplier and I had, she said I was smart and that I was going to go places with my level of intelligence and in fact the job is mine, I was so happy and fulfilled.

I called the supplier and we agreed to meet at palmgroove junction and I was going to pay him 50k.
On my way to palmgroove, I boarded a bus. The bus wasn’t filled up so I sat and waited, Mrs bola called few minutes later to know how far with things I told her I was already on my way in fact I am in the bus as I’m talking to her, she said I should let her know immediately I’m with the product.

Few minutes, the bus moved I felt a cold wind blew me and I realized my self and started thinking about the whole thing. I alighted from the bus with the excuse that I forgot something at home.

47minutes later Mrs bola kept calling me, asking how far I told her I was there, that I’ve not seen the supplier.

She called and called and called, but I kept telling them I was there and I didn’t not see them.
Maybe they realized I knew they were scammers, but they’ve stopped calling me, not after I made sure I wasted their own time and airtime.

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