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New Study Reveals How Your Hand Shake Can Tell If You’re Likely To Die Young, Have More Sexual Partners or Pass A Job Interview

This is a must read for everyone. Do you know that the way you shake hands can tell whether you are likely to have a heart attack, die young, be more educated, or even have increased sex partners? Well researchers have come up with studies revealing what your handshake says about you. I think you will definitely love to read this piece.

What Your Handshake Says About You

Shaking hands, as everyone knows, can be a minefield. Should you match the other person’s grip? How long should it last? Did you wash your hands? Are they wet from washing? Do you go for the dominant over-the-top approach or a Trumpian ‘clasp, yank, release’? What do you do with your other hand? Is a fist bump better?

At the same time, we infer a lot about someone from their handshake, making snap judgements (they’ve got an Alpha complex, or they’re weak willed, or – sometimes, just sometimes – they have genuine human warmth). And it turns out that our handshakes also say a lot about us medically. According to new research by scientists at Queen Mary University of London, a weak handshake may be linked to poor heart health and greater risk of heart attack or stroke. The findings support a study published in The Lancet in 2015.

The team behind the new investigation tested almost 5,000 people using a nifty contraption called a dynamometer. Participants gripped the device for three seconds, from which the researchers were able to deduce grip strength, which was then compared to detailed heart scans.

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The data revealed those with low grip strengths tended towards weaker hearts, and were less able to pump blood around the body. Stronger shakers were found to have higher volumes and proportions of blood pumped by the heart, and a healthier heart muscle – both factors are linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular problems.

The scientists involved in the study hope the new findings could play a role in the early detection of heart problems.

Aside from heart strength, what else can we learn about someone from a limp handshake?

You’re more likely to die young – from all manner of causes

It’s not only heart attacks and strokes that are associated with a less-than-firm grip. A study of over a million adolescent males born in Sweden between 1951 and 1976 revealed that lower hand-grip strength was “significantly associated with higher all-cause mortality, higher mortality from cardiovascular disease, and a higher risk of suicide.”

You’re less likely to find a sexual partner

In 2007, Gordon Gallup,  an evolutionary psychologist, at the University of Albany, published research which concluded that men with firmer-than-average handshakes had “increased sexual opportunities,” which resulted in an increased number of sexual partners, and younger ages of first sexual encounter.

He also found that males with strong grips were also likely to be more aggressive and dominant, and have more masculine body types.

You’re less likely to be well educated

In 2014 Warren Sanderson, a professor of economics at Stony Brook University, and Sergei Scherbov, deputy program director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), published research which concluded that “at any fixed chronological age, more educated people have stronger handgrips than less educated people.”

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They found that the handgrip strength of a 65-year-old white male with less education was equivalent to the handgrip strength of a 70-year-old white male with more education. Ergo, the more educated a person is, the more slowly he ages (and the better his handshake).

You’re less likely to succeed in job interviews

A survey conducted in 2015 found that a weak handshake is one of the biggest mistakes people make in job interviews. The research conducted by Front of House Recruitment found that employers felt that a lacklustre grip portrayed a lack of confidence and enthusiasm among candidates.

Or perhaps they were just worried about new recruits dropping dead on the job.

What other handshakes can say about you?

The hand hug

The hand hug is favoured among politicians for its ability to provide a warm, trusting, protective, and humble demeanour. It’s simply executed by placing your left hand over you and your co-shakers intertwined hands. It’s a sign of intimacy and affection, a formal version of the man hug, if you will.

The alpha

Many like to assert their authority with an overzealous shake – or perhaps they just have a really healthy heart. Features include a crushing grip, an uncomfortable stare, and perhaps a firm and slightly painful pat on the back.

Successful businessmen are often practitioners of the alpha shake. The most notable example, of course, is Donald Trump. The Trumpian shake (also known as the ‘yankshake’ and a subcategory of the alpha), involves a firm and uncomfortable clasp, a yank towards him to assert authority, and a release at his preferred time.

The flaccid shake

The flaccid shake, or the dead fish, also known as the “Queen’s fingertips”, can denote two things. First, it may imply weakness and awkwardness, and is often used by an unwilling participant in the shake. Conversely it may be used as a sign of superiority, by the Queen, for example.

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The fist bump

The fist bump is a complex one. While it can give off an informal, playful, vibe, it can also lead to many an awkward situation. Initiating a fist bump risks causing confusion, with the dreaded outcome of the other participant clasping your fist. The fist bump is best kept between friends.(

(The Telegraph UK)

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