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New Record! Man Suspected of Swallowing Hard Drugs Refuses to Poo After 37 Days to Avoid Jail

Police in the UK have just watched a man smash the British record of refusal to poo for as long as 37 days. The previous record held by an inmate was 23 days.
It has been 37 days since Lamarr Chambers was arrested by Essex Police for being a suspected drug dealer. And during those 37 days, he has not taken a poo once.
It is thought that the 24-year-old allegedly concealed drugs on himself before his arrest as part of an operation targeting street crime on January 17. So now officers are waiting with bated breath for him to go. Chambers is now nearing his sixth week in custody.
Essex Police have been updating #PooWatch (as it is now known) about any sudden movements – but a fortnight go, they decided they had had enough. Speaking to, a spokesperson for the force said they will no longer be issuing updates.
Instead, they will make one final announcement ‘when he does what he needs to do’. The longest an inmate had previously gone without using the toilet was 23 days – so Lamarr smashed the British record. Recent details from his appearance at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on Monday showed there was actually a ‘reference’ to him passing stools in hospital, Essex Live reported.
Unfortunately, prosecutor Kathy Wilson said that no ‘faecal matter’ was collected, and so his case goes on. ‘He did wipe his bottom and there was a stain on the toilet paper,’ she said.
‘Had any amount of faecal matter been passed, we would not be in this position today.’ Last week, it was revealed what Chambers has been eating inside his cell. He started out eating Frosties cereal bars and as time went on, he would eat up to eight of them a day. However, he has now swapped the bars for fruit and vegetables.
And it was also revealed how Chambers ate some fish made by his mother just before he appeared before magistrates. Chambers has been charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply a Class A drug, failing to stop and driving without insurance.

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