Thursday , February 29 2024

Na Wa O! See the Massive Fish Caught in Uganda, More Expensive than the New IPhone 7 (Photos)

No one would believe that fish can cost more than the New IPhone 7. But check this story out.

There is an ongoing heated debate online concerning the “outrageous” price of a massive fish was which was caught by fishermen recently at Ggaba Landing site in Uganda.

According to a report, the fish which weighed 205Kgs was sold at Shs4.2 million (over $1200 i.e nearly N500,000).

But the price tag did not go down well with online users who are currently debating on the trending photos – with most saying the price should be Shs2.4 million (which is nearly $700 i.e N300,000).

Whatever the actual price is, it still costs more than the new iPhone 7 which costs nearly $700.
So would you take the new IPhone 7 or the fish?

See more photos below:

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  1. Fish that is more expensive than iphone7… Then is one hell of afish.. GroupI

  2. The fish is to strange.

    Group .E

  3. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    This fish is so huge
    Group A

  4. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is nice what an awesome creature just like a PEARL

  5. Amene Chidera Doris

    Hmmm if I hear what will I do with fish… If its meat it will be better..I will take i-phone biko.
    Team H

  6. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    What kind of a fish is this one na. That even IPhone 7. money can not buy.

    Group F

  7. what kind of fish is this will they eat it for ten years


    BLOOD OF IRON!!!!!

    TITUS FISH 1kilo is #400 here ooo


  9. Kind of hard to decide. All the same the fish is really big. It could serve for a nation meal.
    Group J

  10. Arinze obiageli .p.

    Team H
    Wow. That fish is really worth the price.

  11. I will take iphone7 ooo, fish i will eat and it is all gone

  12. At the end nature always supersedes man’s creation… can imagine more expensive than iPhone7.

  13. this wan na for celebration team l

  14. left for me I’d go for a new iPhone 7


  15. Nawa oh… Even fish again.
    chaii God help us oh

    Team H

  16. left for me I’d go for a new iPhone 7 because food for consumption is not meant to be that costly.


  17. Nawa oh… Even fish is this expensive. chaiii. God help us oh

    Team H

  18. Aguinam ojukwu faustina

    So amazing…I can imagine the struggle going online …for a fish to be greater than an iPhone… Its really overwhelming
    Group M

  19. This is so very big
    It is worth the price

    Group G

  20. Wawooo!!!!what a huge fish,I hope the catcher of this fish is now a billionaire.
    TEAM L

  21. Wawooo!!!!what a huge fish??,I hope the catcher of this fish is now a billionaire.
    TEAM L

  22. Woaw it’s reallg big good for peppersoup

  23. what’s special about the fish that is beyond the size to worth $500000. money that would b used to settle an apprentice.
    group H

  24. Crystal Chinelo Erokwu

    lol….Interesting it would be delicious ooh

  25. Crystal Chinelo Erokwu

    lol….Interesting it would be delicious ooh
    Group D

  26. Wow! This fish is really big. Sure it will be very expensive.

    Group F.

  27. Unbelievable. Those with IPhone 7 just drop it ND buy this fish. Hahaha
    Group G

  28. Law-obilero Chiemena

    so big team d

  29. Nwangene Blessing George

    Wow! Really big I wonder what the name is..
    Group H

  30. Fish kee, did the fish swallow Gold or was its scale made of Gold. Weather the fish or iPhone 7 am not going for any.
    ( Group G)

  31. I think I will just go for the fish than the IPhone oo. At least the fish is going to serve me and my family than buying IPhone and losing it to robbers .

  32. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    I will take iPhone 7 ooo
    That fish shud go

  33. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    wow what a big fish!! i think the price for it is okay!!

    group h

  34. Akwue kingsley chukwuebuka

    the price actually suits the f

  35. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    The fish is really big, I need the fish.
    Group K

  36. jeez the fish more expensive than iPhone7?…wao group:B

  37. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    see fish oo is worth the price abeg
    Group A

  38. Nawaooo the fish is scary self.
    group G

  39. Nwankwo chinaza blessing

    nawa for this kin fish o
    Group J

  40. What a big fish!!

    Its so worth it

    Group D

  41. This fish does not look like every other fish to me..
    Group M

  42. I will go for Iphone 7,but the fish looks tasty

  43. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    This fish is really big, it worth the price anyway. Team L.

  44. The fish is worth the price. It’s big enough to feed a family if seven for two weeks!! group K

  45. maybe this was the fish that jonah swallowed.. they have finally caught it. GoodNews

    Group D

  46. Group K
    That kind money on top fish…. This is serious

  47. This fish is really scarcely, I have not see this kind of fish in my life
    Group A

  48. the fish is huge but I don’t think it’s worth the price..
    Group F.

  49. Slay Queens ryt now b lyk Oh! My gosh, re u kidding me?

    Team E

  50. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    make I talk true…I go take IPhone ooo…

    group D

  51. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    This one Na Almighty fish o
    Group A

  52. bring am to naija make i see who go buy am, fish wet go end for toilet. group J

  53. Biko give me the iphone 7. Whats the point of the fish when i will still shit it out.


  54. so many things are indeed yet to be discovered.there must be something beyond the price that made it soo expensive.
    Group C

  55. Atagburum onwem na azu?
    imagin, both in phone ad fish I no dey chop.
    group g

  56. Christmas food don set for the buyer…. invite your village people..

  57. IPhone 7 abeg, I wan chop fish for the rest of my life…when i can buy like #500 or #1000 fish and eat it for like 4 days

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