Monday , December 5 2022

Na wa o! Man Becomes Angry After Meeting His Newborn, Describes Baby as ‘Ugly’

The man has considered handing over the newborn to Department of Children and Family Services

A post shared by a Facebook user who decided to vent his anger after his partner welcomed a baby he termed ‘ugly’, is currently trending online.

Ghanaweb came across the post and shared it further.

According to ghanaweb, “Children are usually addressed as ‘gifts from God’ and are said to bring joy, but one man seems to think otherwise following his actions on social media. A young man identified as Scottie Smith, took to Facebook to share a picture of his newborn son, but instead of the usual encomiums parents are known to shower on their children, his post seemed to be written with disgust.”

In the post, Smith talked about giving the child away to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

“So my baby is finally here and this is Wtf God gave me. Can you put a newborn In DCFS?”

See his post below:

So My Baby ???????? Finally Here N This Wtf God Give Me ???? Can U Put A New Born In DCFS? Sc: GunnGangMontana Ig: ScottieMontanaaa


Please what do you have to say to this man?


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  1. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    The earlier he starts realizing that children are gifts from God, the better for him. He (Scottie Smith) Should be thankful to God because there are millions looking for a child. God has a reason for giving him one. So Scottie Smith should stop looking at faces because its not everything. Rather, it only pleases the eyes. You don’t know what he might grow up to be tomorrow.

    Reg number: 2016054066

  2. chisom Janefrances

    Imagine God gave you a child which suppose to be happy and grateful and you are here abusing the gift of God……Some couples are out there crying morning and night praying for God to give the fruit of womb.God have mercy on you…

  3. Hahahahahahahahahah! This story should be headlined “Na wa o! Boy Becomes Angry After Meeting His Newborn, Describes Baby as ‘Ugly'”

    Stupid boy.

  4. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Funny man. Guess his not accepting to see that… But the fact remains that the nwa is his

  5. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    Funny man. Guess his not excepting to see that… But the fact remains that the nwa is his….

  6. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    Ungrateful stupid spoilt brat..
    He should go ahead and deny having fathered the baby nau.
    I wouldn’t say the baby is so cute and everyone would pray to have a beautiful baby but how the heck does that matter?
    Children are blessing especially the ugly ones. Instead of the ingrat to pray for the child to turn out awesome and overcome his or her physical appearance, he went on social media to get popular not knowing the extent he ended up fooling himslf…
    He’s such a jerk..

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