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Na Lie O! No Case of Monkey Pox in Enugu State – Health Official


Picture of a Monkeypox victim allegedly seen in Enugu now dismissed as false (Enugu is not her location)


Residents of Enugu State may heave a sigh of relief as the viral rumour of emergence of Monkeypox disease in the state has been dismissed as unfounded rumour.

Dr Okechukwu Ossai, the Director of Public Health in Enugu State, says there is no reported case of monkey pox in the state as insinuated in the social media.

Ossai who spoke on Tuesday in Enugu, said that officials of the state Ministry of Health had investigated the rumour and found out that it was false.

“We went to Park Lane Teaching Hospital where it was rumoured of a suspected case of monkey pox and discovered that it was false. “There was no history of travel or contact with animal by the said patient. We are appealing to people to stop spreading wrong information about the disease,’’ he said.
Ossai said that the state was on top of the situation, adding that it had embarked on intensive sensitisation in the 17 local government areas of the state on preventive measures. “The ministry has heightened surveillance in every part of the state. We have held meetings with heads of health officials and some traditional rulers and other stakeholders on the disease.
“We have also repositioned things like personal protective facilities for health officials in various hospitals and health centres,’’ he said.
The director urged people of the state to reduce intake of bush meat and always wash their hands with running water and soap.
Ossai, however, cautioned against the use of hand sanitisers as the only precautionary measure, pointing out that most sanitisers in markets and shops had expired.
On symptoms, the director said the disease had two stages, invasion and eruption, and each has its own symptoms.
“For invasion, you have fever, severe headache, body pains, cough and sore throat and for eruption, the patient will start developing big enlargements like boils.
“The rashes are bigger than chicken pox and occasionally, they burst and spread to other parts of the body and this happens within a period of one week,’’ he said.
Ossai said that it could affect any age group, but was worse among younger ones and people with immune illnesses like cancer and diabetes.
The medical practitioner also said that physical contact with rodents, monkeys and some related wild animals were the easiest mode of transmission.
He advised people to avoid contacts with such animals and infected persons especially travelers from areas with such cases.


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  1. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    This is getting out of hand

  2. ojimba ogochukwu o.

    nawa oooo…hav we offend de animal kingdom in any way.

  3. nawa God’s hand we dey so o

  4. nawa God’s hand we dey so o for dis country o..before was chiciken pox, next was ebola now na monkey pox..have we in anyway offend d animal kingdom?

  5. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is indeed a terrible disease thanks for informing us about it sir…..
    Quiz number —073

  6. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    it is a thing of joy for Enugu state but the government of Enugu should check properly so there will be no had we know
    quiz no:74

  7. Things are really getting out of hand,God help us.quiz num 5

  8. It is a small relief that the government are making conscious efforts to fight this. It will be drastic if nothing good and fast is done.(24)

  9. chinenye Ezekwo Josephine

    this is becoming serious oo
    (quiz no-59)

  10. Hmmm…There’s no use in hiding any medical emergency in order to combat it before it spreads..who are we to believe??
    proper measures should be taken before the disease spreads through the state.
    Quiz number: 021

  11. Hmmmm…..people should be sure about what they say before they give people high blood pressure.
    Quiz number:119

  12. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    This is getting out of hand . Next might be Anambra state.

    Quiz No : 69. Feature story.

  13. What should we believed then?
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  14. Abeg make this thing no enter anambra state God pls save us from this deases.2016054069, (06)

  15. God will always intervene(62)

  16. na wa oooo, people and wrong information self…please if you are not sure about something don’t say it
    Quiz no:28

  17. This is serious! pls the Government should act fast before things gets out of hand.

    quiz no:45

  18. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    Nawa o, God should help us
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  19. OMG things are really getting out of hands. Government should please see to this. God help us
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  20. Only God can help us in this country.
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  21. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    nawa ooo…God should show mercy on us oo.
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  22. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    We can only rely on God

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  23. This is so bad..May God help us

    Quiz no 39

  24. from Ebola to monkey pox Nigerians please clean your environment

  25. This disease is really bad,government should do something about it
    Quiz no:2

  26. I wonder wht is going on first it was Ebola now this I pray the government would do something fast about this & how would it be that there won’t be any cure for this, may God see his children through
    Gabriel precious
    Quiz no 83

  27. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    Oh God save us oo,thanks for informing us about this deadly disease
    Quiz number —073

  28. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    This has to stop! the government should do something to stop the spread of this dreaded disease. quiz no.

  29. Monkey pause is a viral disease. 21

  30. deborah nwankwo 2016054130

    The cure to this illness should really be found as soon as possible…
    quiz 55

  31. Monkey pox lol for some reason d name jus dey funny me anyways God dey sha. Quiz No 127

  32. Government should take this serious before it gets out of hand qui no 115

  33. Okonkwo Isioma Jane

    There is nothing one wont see in this country. We put everything in the hands of God.
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  34. Nkemjika ogonna marycynthia

    Everything are in the hand of our creator
    Quiz no 60

  35. things are really getting out of hand the Government should be fast and do something. the way they handled Ebola they should try and do same to this.
    quiz no – 115


    Am not surprised

    into your hands on Lord I commit my self


  37. Ebeledike Ifunanya

    Enugu kwa. God were u dey.soon all of us will die of a sick we know nothing about.Quiz no 072

  38. obido chiamaka Genevieve

    Only God knows what Nigeria has done to tthe animal kindom …pls God my family n loved ones oo

  39. Let’s hope on God since Ebola disease disappeared
    Quiz no 61

  40. Death is the only thing online without solution.God will guide us
    quiz number 1

  41. Abeg their is God ooo pls their people should stop spreading false rumors

  42. Okeke cynthia chinecherem

    Prevention is better than cure…please let’s heed to the. advice.
    Quiz no:33
    Reg no:2016054023

  43. Another disease for Niger(30)

  44. everyday one sickness or the other, hope Anambra is also free(65)

  45. Ezefunamba Chinaza deborah

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  46. please!!! government should do something about thisoooo before spreading everywhere. our life is so precious to us
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    reg no:2016054111

  47. God save us in this country, monkey pox not our portion

  48. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca (117)

    Our life is in hands of God. Prevention is better than cure,people should be careful please.
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  50. Udogu Ogechi Victory

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  51. summary statement headline

  52. nwoye mary chioma

    The south east is at least safe for now…..

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    Tis is becoming scary every day oo

  56. Chiekwe Blessing .N.

    This situation is a terrible one.
    quiz no:60

  57. ezenwajiugo somto prosper

    Tis is becoming scary every day oo(105)

  58. The people should do as the director of health said by reducing the intake of Bushmeat. Our help is in the name of the Lord.
    quiz no:57

  59. enujekwute paschal nnaemeka

    God should please help his children(108)

  60. The people should do as the director of health said by reducing the intake of Bush meat. Our help is in the name of the Lord.
    Quiz no : 57

  61. Arinze obiageli .p.

    Quiz no:29
    hmmmm! There is God o. God please continue to save ur people.

  62. Agina Gloria Ebele

    It better be false because this is getting out of hand .quiz no 75

  63. Nwankwo chinaza Blessing

    I dnt really believe this monkey pox of a thing to me z just a strategy to embezzle money by the health sector (66)

  64. nevertheless , they should still take precaution against the terrible disease
    quiz no…69

  65. nawa…why the false alarm now ooo
    quiz no…70

  66. Chai theres nothing much to say sha.but I am sure it will pass just like previous epidemic….quiz num:89

  67. Amene Chidera Doris

    God help us oo..I don’t understand again oo
    Quiz number 77

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  69. Amene Chidera Doris

    God save us oo
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    God save us oo
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    God help us ooo, This is getting out of hand
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