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N-Power Beneficiary Accuses School Principal of Extortion

A beneficiary of the N-Power programme has alleged that the principal of the secondary school where she is working has asked her to be paying a specific sum of money on a monthly basis in order to stay away from work or get reported to N-power office.

The lady who identified herself as Janet Chichi took to her Facebook page to make the allegation against the school principal who threatened to report her if she did not come to school everyday.

From the Facebook post, it could be seen that the lady was actually having challenges with coming to school everyday because according to her, where she lived was too far from where the school was located and she would be spending N1,500 transportation fare everyday to get to school and back to her house.

She then decided to be going to school twice a week but the principal refused and asked her to be paying N5,000 every month or come to school daily, otherwise she would be reported to N-Power office so they would stop her from receiving her monthly stipend. She then took to her Facebook page to seek advice from people.

Here’s what she wrote;

Hello house, the headmaster of the school I was posted to demanded I give him 5k every month or come to school daily. The school is 1500 tfare from where I am, I decided I’ll be coming twice a week he refused.

He threatened to go to npower office and report me so I can stop receiving stipend. Please is it possible for him to do so?


She received mixed reactions from users who read the post. Many people who reacted to the story advised her to pay the money to avoid the man’s wrath since she would be losing if she went to school daily. One person even said she was lucky because the principal of his own school requested for N15,000 if he wanted to stop coming to school. The person wrote;

Instead of stressing your self why can’t you pay him, unlike mine that want 15k

Some other users advised her to ignore the man as he was only making empty threats. One of them identified as Muhammed Awwal Ademu wrote;

Muhammed Awwal Ademu

don’t listen to him he should go and report if he knows the office

This report is among the increasing stories of allegations against school heads who ask for money from N-Power beneficiaries who want to receive stipends without working. Some people are of the opinion that it takes two to tango; if the N-Power beneficiary is truly sincere and wants to work, no principal or school head would request for money.

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