Thursday , August 18 2022

N-power Batch C: How To Fix Wrong Bank Account Details

Many applicants in the N-Power batch C programme have smoothly concluded the paper work for commencement of the job while some others are having challenges with registration and other details. One of such challenges is with bank details.

It could be that the N-Power Batch C applicant may have erroneously filled the wrong bank account number and other banking details, or probably during the N-Power NASIMS registration, someone may have wrongly filled the bank account number on your behalf.
Someone may have erroneously filled in the wrong bank detail and wants to edit it. This could be a challenge but the simple answer to that is this. You try to edit it but this might not even work. So what do you do then?

Please if by attempting to edit this error, the issue persists, simply contact NASIMS self service portal.

This is the safest thing to do so you don’t make further mistakes to worsen matters.


Then if you want to know how you can locate your centre for the exercise and also how to regenerate your reference ID to know what you applied for, here’s the answer.

You will be notified once the N-Power physical verification starts via email or your N-Power (NASIMS) portal, the location for the N-Power physical verification will be at your local government area, as for the reference ID I posted a thread with respect to that yesterday


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