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Mysterious Letters on a Rock No One Can Read or Translate (Video)

One of the amazing landmarks you find on Idanre hill is “The Unreadable Letters of the Flood” which s an inscription on a rock that no one has been able to interpret. Well, the challenge is actually not about reading the letters but making meaning out of what you see on the rock. “The Unreadable Letters of the Flood” is indigenously known as “Adìye kòwé, Òyìmbó kàátì” inscription which means ‘a white man cannot decipher a chicken’s writing’. This inscription is composed of lines and strokes made on a steep rock at Old Oke-Idanre, right there on the hill.

The characters are still there on the rock though you might have to look closely to see what looks like letters. No one has come up with convincing interpretations of these letters.

Stories have it that one of the rulers of Idanre land, the Kabiyesis, once said that based oral history handed down by his great grandfather, the writings can be interpreted mean “We shall be here for a while”; There is still no concrete proof that this is the correct interpretation of the letters. It is believed that the letters are older than Hebrew language.

So whenever you visit the Idanre hills you should ask your tour guide to take you to where you can see the unreadable letters.

Watch video below;

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