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Mysterious Lake of No Return in India No One Has Ever Escaped (Photos)

Lake of no return

This sounds strange as a tourist attraction but the Lake of No Return is presently yielding revenue for the people of Nawang Yang, a border town of the Nagas near Myanmar as foreigners keep heading to this destination to see this mysterious lake.

This ‘Lake of No Return’ is also called the Nawang Yang lake and it is one of the most mysterious destinations in India. It is located on the border of Arunachal Pradesh, a state in Northeastern India. The lake is in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Lake of No Return is partially exists under the area of Pansau, which is a small town on the border of Myanmar. The region is home to the Tangas tribe.

This lake has different angles explaining the source of its name. One angle dates back to World War II when, according to sources, allied forces landed around this area and all their aircrafts and personnel perished mysteriously. It was reported that the Allied forces used this lake for soft emergency landings and in the process of doing so, many aircraft and their crews perished in the lake. Another angle says Japanese soldiers passed through the lake and all perished. According to this angle, after World War II, a group of Japanese soldiers were returning and happened to lose their way. This bunch of soldiers winded up at the lake, where it is believed that they contracted malaria which ultimately led to their death.

Lake of no return

Yet another angle even said a village got submerged by the lake because one of the local took a giant fish from the lake and sacrificed for a village feast. This is part of the folk lore about the lake which the village has been passing on for generations. The folklore says in the ancient times, a villager caught an extraordinarily big fish from the lake. The whole village was invited to feast on the fish, except an old woman and her granddaughter. The guardian of the lake was said to be angry with the villagers over the sacrificed fish and warned the old woman and her granddaughter to run away from the village for their own safety. The next day, the entire village was submerged in the lake. That was how it became known as lake of no return.

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Despite all these scary stories about the lake, the fact remains that it is a tourist destination today. Anytime you find your way to India you can dash across to see the Lake of No Return. Don’t worry, you will definitely return this time as the myth is no longer functional, at least for tourists.

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