Saturday , February 24 2024

Murder! Nigerian man faces life jail for beating stepson to death

Thirty-nine-year-old Nigerian man, Marvyn Iheanacho, has been declared guilty of beating his five-year-old stepson to death.

He was reported as having kicked and punched his five-year-old stepson as the child cried “sorry” for losing a shoe.

He faces life behind bars.

Iheanacho was found guilty of murdering little Alex Malcolm in a fit of rage after a two-week trial at Woolwich Crown Court in the United Kingdom.

Heartbroken mum, Lilya Breha, desperately tried to save her boy on the night of the attack, but Alex’s injuries were too severe.

Lilya revealed the tot’s final moments to the jury, who also saw chilling CCTV of Iheanacho “sprinting home with the lifeless child in his arms.”




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  1. Nwankwo onyinye grace

    He think he’s in Nigeria nah.. Where there’s no lay down procedure.

  2. This is so heartless person, thanks to God he was arrested to pay for the crime he committed.

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish, rot in prison that’s where you belong for taking a life you can’t create. Rip little one and sorry to the mother for her loss.

  4. This is how things are done, get any bastard prosecuted immediately and let the animal start serving his jail term were found guilty, unlike in Nigeria were a confirmed serial kidnapper and murderer is even threatening law enforcement agencies with legal action, nonsense.
    Mtchew, I no blame am, no be im fault.

  5. God I was really praying for this guy not to go scot-free

  6. You can’t obviously eat your cake and have it back.

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