Sunday , February 25 2024

Mother expresses disappointment because she thinks her baby is “ugly” (Watch Video)

A new mother has released a video where she expressed disappointment at how her baby looks and referred to him as ugly.

“Our biggest fear was having an ugly baby. Now, look. Look what the f*** I got. Look at him. He is so funny looking.” She said as she turned her child around for her viewers to see.

She also complained about the bald patches of hair on her son’s head.

She added: “I never wanted to have no ugly baby. I just knew there was gonna be a 50 50 chance that one of these kids was gonna come out ugly, because of him (her man).”

The video has elicited shock from viewers.

Watch it below;



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  1. This is not nice, especially when is coming from the mother of the child. why make this video for Christ sake ? How does she expect outsiders to treat her and her son…I tire for some people sha!

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