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Mother & daughter sleeping with same man gives births days apart

A mother and daughter from South Africa got pregnant for the same man and gave birth to their babies just four days apart.

Mildred Mashego, 38, learned that her 19-year-old daughter, Patricia Mashego, was also pregnant and that they would be due in the same month. The mother was furious that her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock but she was in for a shocker when she discovered who the father of the child was.

Mildred was so angry that her daughter was secretly having sex with her boyfriend and was even considering abortion when she found out the truth. Vincent Malumane, the father of the children, admitted that he was having sex with the mother and the daughter secretly behind the backs of both women.

“I cannot go back now and explain what happened. All we have to do is focus on making sure that the children are properly cared for,” said the man.

Both women gave birth just four days apart: first the daughter, then the mother. Both gave birth to healthy boys, making the children brothers, a nephew, an uncle and a grandson. Now that the children are born the woman has forgiven her daughter for the sake of her grandson.


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  1. Crazy act..

    What a world!!

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  2. what is this world turning into?
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  3. what is this world turning into?
    may God help us

  4. what is this world turning into?
    may God help us
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  5. what rubbish! is their ancestors not active? group B

  6. What kind of life is this?


  7. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    Things are really happening. Team L.

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  9. Is this still happening? If you ask me na who i go ask

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  10. Preposterous! Stranger things happen each day. group K

  11. Abomination..Aru group E

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    So disgusting to the ear….

  13. let them be stoned to death..Alu!!!

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  14. Abomination!! What kind of world is this?
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  15. Does it mean they don’t know or they are intentionally doing it..??
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  16. It is so unfortunate this world is turning into something else. Grandmother, brother, co-wife, step brothers, nephew, uncle.. Chai! all because of one man

  17. chidozie chiazokam jennifer

    This is nonsense what is this world turning into.
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    This is rubbish.
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    End time.
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    So abominable
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    What a story wonders shall never end

  22. Nowadays no news is a shocker… The worst is yet to come.. endtime
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    I don’t even understand what the world is turning to again
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    chai Nawa oo What a world!!.
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    Aaaah no way. What kind of thing is this?

  26. complete insanity; nothing more.
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  27. what nonsense. it’s not even what discussing.
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    very bad!

  29. This is one is madness oo, mother and child the same man I can’t even think about it eww

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