Most Expensive Toothpick in The World Costs N180k for Only One … But It’s 18k Gold

This story is not just for the wealthy but for all those who are naturally classy. Toothpicks are very essential especially after eating but classy people don’t use any kind of toothpick. They could go for the one discussed here by luxurysafe’s

It is very luxury,also very expensive…….toothpick. It may sound funny, unless you know that the price of this toothpick is $500(about N180,000) and it is made from 18k gold. Lets find out more information about the most expensive toothpick.

Sometimes, the conclusion of a particularly fine meal might leave you with the inevitable nasties stuck between your teeth, or even your diamond-encrusted dentures.With its glistening mirrored finish and its exquisite, solid gold glory, this bespoke gem makes tooth-picking slightly less horrifying. Indeed, why ruin the conclusion of a fine meal with the awkward scraping of disposable wooden toothpicks, when you can do it in style with this 18K solid gold one?

Handcrafted in USA, the toothpick is one of many solid gold creations by The House of Solid Gold, the brainchild of master designer Hugh Power. His self-explanatory label desires to produce one-of-a-kind works of art whose rarefied beauty, or sometimes pure extravagance, are elevated by the most exquisite gemstones, pearls and rare metals.

Even if not for functional purposes, the 60mm toothpick makes for a grand little side deco on the dining table, where you can choose to display it in a super exclusive 3-dimensional floating frame, or a customary toothpick holder – which both accompanies this exquisite tool.

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  1. Hmmmm dis one mad me…. 180k for just toothpick?… Forget classy nah waste of money jare

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