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Most Expensive Live Fish In The World Costs N648 Million (Watch Video)

A new record has just been set for the most expensive fish in the world. Before you freak out you need to watch this video of the fish swimming in water and see that it’s not just an ordinary fish but a precious sight to behold; something you would love to keep by your side and walk around with everyday. It’s truly beautiful!

The fish is called S Legend, a red and white Koi Carp. It was bred in Japan and it is now the most expensive live fish ever sold, after fetching a mind-blowing price of 203 million yen ($1.8 million, and N648 million), more than $1.3 million more than the previous record.
The 101cm-long Koi Carp from the highly-regarded Kohaku variety was bought by a collector from Japan after a fiercely competitive bidding war at the Saki Fish farm in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
The female carp won first prize at the prestigious All Japan Koi Show last year, and is expected to bag her second title this year, which greatly increased collectors’ interest.

This is a record price paid for a single Koi Carp,” British Koi expert, Tim Waddington, told Daily Mail. “At 101cm it is very large and from the favoured Kohaku variety. People in the Koi carp world are excited by the sale as it is an incredible price for a single fish. The previous best price was around £400,000 ($500,000). It really is a crazy world.”

The buyer of this fish is not well known, except that she is a super wealthy Taiwanese called Yingying and a big fan of Koi fish. Ms. Yingying will now be able to breed the award-winning fish, which can produce up to 500,000 eggs, of which only up to 5,000 will be of the right quality to sell. S Legend is also expected to compete in shows for at least another two years.

Note that S. Legend is the most expensive live fish. There’s also a record for the mist expensive dead fish ever sold and that record is also held by Japan. It was a 222-kilogram bluefin tuna auctioned off for 155 million yen ($1.4 million).
You might be wondering whether fish that costs this unbelievable amount tastes like normal fish or liquid gold.



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