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Monthly Media Report on Suicide Incidents In Nigeria (June 2020)

Nigeria witnessed an unprecedented spate of suicides in 2019, especially with media coverage of such incidents. Some schools of thought have argued that suicide incidents had existed in Nigeria possibly on a large scale but most of such incidents were never reported in the media. Well, 2019 saw a number of incidents reported in social and mainstream media.

The alarming rate of suicides that took place in Nigeria in 2019 remains as a puzzle to many people. It is now a fact that 2019 recorded the highest rate of suicide incidents among Nigerians in modern times with 70 reported cases in the media. Some analysts have argued that the media are majorly or partly responsible for suicide rates in most societies based on what is called ‘suicide contagion’ which is a form of copy cat suicide. This means that people are likely to commit suicide after exposure to suicidal behaviour especially through the mass media. Some other schools of thought say many other factors are responsible for suicide rates apart from media reports on the incident. Among such factors are frustration, failed relationships, poor academic performance, and depression. The sad news is that suicide incidents have continued to pop up in 2020 premised on almost the same reasons as the incidents in 2019. Here is a list of suicide incidents in Nigeria that took place in June, 2020 as reported by the media.


Story Title: Employee commits suicide in Bayelsa after losing boss’ N150,000 to gambling

Victim’s Name: Suga

Marital Status: Not given

Date: June 17

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Method: Sniper

Reason: Lost his boss’s money in game betting

Type: Suicide

Occupation: Bet9ja operator

State Where incident Happened: Bayelsa

Victim’s State of Origin: Bayelsa

Story Summary:

A 28-YEAR-OLD man, identified simply as Suga, has committed suicide in Bayelsa State.

Suga, who hailed from Nembe Local Government Area of the state, allegedly poisoned himself with a substance suspected to be Sniper (insecticide) after using his boss’ money worth N150,000 to play bet9ja virtual games.

Source: The Nation



Story Title: Nigerian man stabs his fiancé to death and then commits suicide in their home in Lekki

Victim’s Name: Chris

Marital Status: Single

Date: June 21

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Method: Sniper

Reason: Not given

Type: Murder-Suicide

Occupation: Not given

State Where incident Happened: Lagos

Victim’s State of Origin: Not given

Story Summary:

A Nigerian man simply identified as Chris, stabbed his fiance to death, and thereafter committed suicide in their home in Victory Park estate in Lagos state on Sunday, June 21.

According to residents of the estate, the couple moved into the estate three weeks ago with their two young children. Not much was known about the couple but just a day before the murder-suicide, they were spotted jogging together on Saturday night June 20.

However, on Sunday, the man who is said to have always questioned the paternity of their second child, stabbed his wife to death, and then took his own life.

Source: Linda Ikeji



Story Title: Single mum allegedly commits suicide in Port Harcourt after posting a cry for help on Facebook

Victim’s Name: Folashade Eloho Bello

Marital Status: Single

Date: June 21

Gender: Female

Age: Not given

Method: Mixed Hypo and Dettol

Reason: Depression

Type: Suicide

Occupation: Not given

State Where incident Happened: Rivers

Victim’s State of Origin: Not given

Story Summary:

A woman has died by alleged suicide in Port Harcourt after taking to Facebook to post a cry for help that no one took seriously.

Princess Folashade Eloho Bello, a single mum-of-one, took to Facebook on June 19 to pour out her heart. She spoke about giving up hope but ended the post with a smiley that masked the pain in her heart.

Due to the smiley face emoji, friends say they didn’t understand that she was going through a lot.

Two days after sharing the post, she allegedly committed suicide on June 21. Her Facebook friends claim she consumed some harmful liquids. They also claim that she was depressed.

She leaves behind her young son, Cristal.

Source: Linda Ikeji







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