Monday , May 22 2023

Monkeypox Warning! Minimize Unnecessary Body Contact for Now – Experts Warn

You do not know who or what you are really shaking!!!

In line with the campaign against the spread of the dreaded Monkeypox disease, health experts have warned that all irrelevant body contacts, including handshakes should be minimized for now.

This is in view of the fact that one of the major ways of getting infected with the Monkeypox disease is through contact with fluid from infected person. This warning may sound unfriendly but it is essential to spread it across every neighbourhood until the dreaded disease is chased out of town like was done to Ebola.

Again, the warning is on Unnecessary body contacts.

Be wise today to witness the post-monkeypox days.

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  1. O God, before it was Ebola, now it’s Monkey pox.
    this is to show that the world is coming to an end.

  2. Seriously prevention is better than cure so it’s better we be careful of this monkeypox disease

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