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MKP Awareness! Bayelsa Steps Up Campaign to Curb Spread of Monkeypox Disease

The dreaded ailment known as Monkeypox (aka MKP) first broke out in Bayelsa and it seems Government of that state is taking the first measures towards awareness campaign to prevent further spread.

The Bayelsa State Government has intensified its efforts through public enlightenment ‎and civic engagement to curb the spread of the viral monkeypox disease.

It also called on residents to report all suspected cases of the disease by calling 08066987752 and‎ 08035474676 to get rapid response team.‎A statement issued yesterday by the Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, said the ‎spirited sensitisation campaign mounted by his ministry on radio with translations in all the local dialects in the state would be aggressively sustained.

He said the ministry had commenced ‎sensitisation campaign and advocacy visit to communities in the state on the need to reassure the indigenes of government’s intervention and activities in curbing further spread of the disease.

Iworiso-Markson, who stated that the government had curbed further spread of the disease, said that out of those affected and quarantined at the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital (NDUTH), Okolobiri, many are already showing signs of recovery.

He said two of the index cases and the doctor affected by the disease had since fully recovered and discharged and that so far, no death had been recorded.

“To further allay the fears and reassure Bayelsans of governments’ effort in curbing the disease, let me make it clear that we are on top of the situation. However, it is important for people to take note of the fact that prevention is better than cure,” he said.

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  1. this needs to be tackled, before it becomes something else. we urge the minister of health to come to there rescue before it gets out of hand.

  2. another form of Ebola virus,the health centers should work towards eradicating this disease
    (quiz no:59)

  3. Ifejika Celestine

    with this orientation organized by federal government, I know that Nigeria will tackle monkey pox, faster than Ebola disease of 2014.
    monkeys mind yourselves in this we country Nigeria.

    quiz no:111

  4. Udogu Ogechi Victory

    There is Godooo!!! thank God for this information, for coming out early

  5. Ezeakudo mirabel

    Hmmm another one!…….The Nigerian Government tackled Ebola,now its Monkey Pox,
    What is happening to this country ???

    QUIZ NO:119

  6. Can’t this nation just be free from all this dreadful disease? thank goodness they are already working on it and no death case recorded…
    quiz no 22

  7. Quiz no21. Something should be done before it gets out of hand

  8. This nation needs to be sanctified medically…people need to be cautious..
    quiz no 38

  9. God! it is said in the bible that “when the time comes strange sickness will invade the earth ” the minister of Heath surely should urgently do something before it gets out of hand. Even at that, we really need to repent because I believe the end time is at our door step .

    straight news report

  10. Monkeypox is a deadly viral disease, I urge the Bayelsa State government to continue with its awareness campaign.

  11. quiz no 71
    monkeypox disease is a very deadly viral disease, I urge the Bayelsa State government to continue with its awareness campaign.

  12. Wat a disease……from Ebola to monkey wat
    QUIZ NO 61

  13. quiz no 66.federal government should put up necessary measures to prevent from spreading any further

  14. What a deadly disease!!!!??
    God should have mercy upon this country,before it was Ebola and now monkey pox
    Quiz no 60

  15. Nawa oo e no get wetin man no go see so it’s now monkey pox…is only in Nigeria u will b hearing. Strange strange diseases nd viruses everywhere God help us. Quiz no 127

  16. Wat a disease…From Ebola disease to monkey wat
    QUIZ NO 61

  17. quiz no 64.government should do something towards it before it will spread further

  18. hmmm.at first we had chicken pox,
    ebola from monkey,Lassa fever from rats,now monkey pox. did we Nigeria do something wrong against animal kingdom??..like most people would say this is the end times to different things do happen so we need to b careful and also this is not the first disease in Nigeria I know the federal government working really hard to eradicate this disease pls hurry up to avoid contamination..( quiz 109)

  19. Moses Sunday ogbu

    This is a serious issue that all citizens and those inhabitants of the domain should be avoid from in order not to come in contact with the disease.

    Quiz No.99

  20. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Ebola, lassa fever, now Monkey pox….thank God at least there is cure for this one and No death has been recorded yet…
    quiz no: 102


    chicken pox
    bird flu
    Ebola fever
    Monkey pox
    Biko did we in any way offend the gods of the animal kingdom????
    FG do something ooooo


  22. Which kind of country be this one bikonu yesterday ebola today monkey pox nawaoo God pls save us. (6)

  23. This country is really turning into another thing,the government and the health centers should quickly work on this before it gets out of hand.quiz num 5

  24. deborah nwankwo 2016054130

    oh my God! Chicken pox…
    Bird flu…
    Lassa fever…
    and now Monkey pox…
    Have we Nigerians in any way offended the gods of the animal kingdom?
    quiz no…55

  25. Nnanyelugo karen

    Creating awareness about this fremd malady is a huge role that the government played.I pray they work on it as fast as possible to help in wiping out the ailment utterly.They should also mobilize support for all kind of help for people who are already infected with this dreadful disease

    QUIZ NO:-113

  26. Ibeh Ifunanya Cynthia

    Quiz no:118
    This is so bad, but they are actually telling another story about the Hausa trying to eradicate Igbo’s in this manner…..

  27. Okonkwo Isioma Jane

    Everytime one problem or the other in this country. I hope they resolve this one sucessfully.
    Quiz no:85

  28. Quiz no 120
    This is serious

  29. This disease is really deadly..the government should put mouth on this because prevention is better than cure.
    Quiz no:2

  30. Anagboso chimdimma joy

    we have pass the era of Ebola now we have to face monkey pox and the God help us ooh the government should make sure the medicine for it’s treatment are available
    quiz no: 74

  31. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    This is actually a deadly disease thanks for creating awareness in order to avoid contacting this sickness.What kind of disease is this? God save us all of,its indeed a deadly disease
    quiz number —073

  32. this is a pure dreadful disease, please government should know what they do about it,because is communicable disease
    quiz no: 58

  33. This calls for more caution and seriousness with our health status. Whatever that was done to combat and win Ebola should be done. I believe we can win again.
    ( 24 )

  34. Ezeifeka Emmanuella (112)

    Indeed, prevention is better than cure.
    I hope this disease leaves the country as soon as possible. We have enough problems already.

  35. This kind of disease ehnn, I don’t understand oh
    God please help us ohh
    quiz no 100

  36. This is indeed a scary situation. The Government should take proper measures and steps to combat against this Epidermic.. to avoid the further spread of this disease and a toll rise in deaths.
    Quiz number: 021

  37. The government should do as they have said, but what actually is the cause of this disease?

  38. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Nawao this is a deadly ailment and needs to be tackled immediately.Quiz no 74

  39. Monkey pox??

    This is so bad

    Something should be done about this before it gets out of hand

    Quiz no :39

  40. Baba God please save us all from plaques and disease that are rampaging in Nigeria.

    Quiz no 7

  41. Oh my God wht is this world turning into first it was Ebola & now this i just pray that the federal government will find a solution to this because prevention is better than cure & how can it be that their won’t be any cure for this also help should be mobilized for people with this infection.
    Gabriel precious
    Quiz no 83

  42. ebeledike ifunanya love

    government should make sure that there is medicine for those who contacted it so as to stop it from spreading widely
    quiz no 72

  43. Thank God there it has a cure….but like the popular saying….prevention is better than cure, government should pls help us to fight this deadly disease. (Quiz no; 26)

  44. Hmmmn ,which one is monkeypox again ? ,the federal government should please do something fast about it ooooo
    Quiz no:28

  45. Chiekwe Blessing. N.

    This kind of disease sounds and looks horrible. Thank God that the government of bayelsa is already on the issue and I enjoin everybody to be on the lookout for this awful disease and report to the nearest hospital if u notice any sign or symptom of this dreaded disease. Quiz no:60

  46. Simon Chiamaka Peace

    What a world we are in… We really need God’s intervention

    Quiz no 54

  47. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella

    To before warn is to before harm… Thank God the awareness came on time

    Quiz no 55

  48. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    They haven’t solved lassa fever now Monkey pox
    Government should find a solution

  49. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    They haven’t solved lassa fever now Monkey pox
    Government should find a solution
    Quiz no 48

  50. okeke cynthia chinecherem

    Nawa o…Monkey pox kwa?…dis must b a deadly disease.Pls FG should curb d disease to prevent it frm spreading…
    Quiz no:33

  51. this is serious ooh …please government has to do something by all means to see that people’s lives are protected ooh from this deadly disease
    quiz no117

  52. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    hmmmm this is end time ooo everybody should be careful o and pls FG should do something o before we all die.may
    God help us Amen.
    Quiz no:14

  53. Enechukwu Jamie (116)

    Another one has come again,Monkey pox. Like they say prevention is better than cure. Government and citizens should be enlightened on how to prevent this disease

  54. nwankwo chinaza blessing

    nawa ooo God pls help us oo.
    Quiz no:15

  55. Iweorah Ezinne Esther

    The government and ministry of Health should work hand in hand to avoid the spread of this deadly disease (monkeypox). quiz no 58

  56. Chukwunedu Nkechi Francisca (117)

    Wow! The world is ending gradually. People should take cautions and prevent this disease. Government should also help with the improvement of out health centers. God just help our land

  57. Micheal Nwazuloke

    hehehe!!! monkey pox?? this wan pass me ohh.. anyway we pray for God’s Protection in our Lives


  58. godwinejedoghaobi

    from Ebola too lassafever from Lassa fever to monkey pox there is God oh! Godwin Ejedoghaobi 2016054015 200 level

  59. God have mercy on us ooo save us from this kind of disease,it shall not be our portion in Jesus name Amen
    Quiz no.34

  60. This is serious and a very bad illness, it should be looked in to before it gets out of hand……

  61. what is the problem with animal infection this time around,is it that Nigeria has offended the animal kingdom or will I say God is angry with us because of all the atrocities committed in the country?we Nigerians should deviate frim evil so the upcoming wrath of God will not be worster than this,but i pray this time around the state,country will take a serios action to prevent it from spreading around and not to sugar mouth the state/country as always before though doctors perscribe and to their best but God describe the situation and cure the rest.57

  62. The Government should please see to this.
    Prevention they say is better than cure. Thank God for the awesome.
    Quiz number:47

  63. Okonkwo chukwu nonso reg no:2016054090

    The federal Goverment have to work hand in hand with the ministry of health to eradicate the spread of monkey pox in enviroment, thank God the bayelsa government are tried their best in the situation

  64. Ataka Fortunatus Tobenna

    Nawa oo Wat a disease…From Ebola disease to monkey pox.
    Quiz no 90

  65. govt should do something about this quickly

  66. ezeh vivian chinaecherem

    only God will help us in this country from one sickness to another laser fever cause by rat ebola now monkeypox…..thank God the sickness has been exposed even with a cure for it!!!
    quiz no:17

  67. Am tired of hearing the name pox,because my heart jumps when i get to hear the sound of it…a fast sution should be done biko. Quiz no 104

  68. Ifediniru chidike c

    What do we do to you monkeys, pls federal government keep it up. Together we fight Ebola, together we shall overcome you monkey again.

    quiz no: 110

  69. Ezekwe Cynthia Sopuruchukwu

    This is serious.The Government and other health organizations should try their best to protect the citizens from this deadly disease.

    Quiz no:45

  70. Government please Oooo we need awareness to prevent further spread and we need enough medical care to the affected to avoid more occurrence.(65)

  71. Calling on God is the only option we have for now

    Quiz no 115

  72. this is an urgent matter and the government shouldn’t joke with this
    Quiz number: 56

  73. Chaii nawa oh
    pls Health workers should do something about this issue before it gets out of control oh
    quiz no 36

  74. Chukwurah chinwike Christopher

    Government shud do sumfin

  75. Hmm guess this should be treated before it spreads to all 36 states
    Quiz no 53

  76. Prevention is better than cure we should really listen to our doctors advice on this

  77. Prevention is better than cure we should really listen to our doctors advice on this.

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