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COOU Students Massively Participate in INEC Voters’ registration Exercise


Voters’ Registration Exercise in Achalla

Written By Emmanuel Ojiego

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has commenced two days of voters’        registration in Anambra State. The exercise which kicked off Monday May 8 took place in rural and urban areas of the state. It was gathered that students came out in numbers to be part of the exercise, though a number of them were doing so without election in mind.

In Achalla, Awka North Local Government Area, where some students of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU, were residing, the exercise went on smoothly. The registration kick started at about 9.am with not less than 100 participants in which the population were more of students.

In an interview. a student who simply identified himself as Moses,  expressed joy to be exercising his rights as a citizen by participating in the exercise, stating that he had come earlier in the morning at about 5a.m just to secure a queue number for himself.

It was gathered that most participants of the exercise came just to impress either their parents/guardians or their religious heads of various churches who urged them to exercise their rights as citizens if Nigeria to make it a better place.

Well the good thing is that students are participating in the exercise no matter what the reason is. With time such students will understand why it is good to have a voter’s card. Don’t you think so?


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  1. yes it’s good to exercise your right as citizen of their state by participating in the process of election exercise of their state.(09)

  2. onyinye grace nwankwo

    As a good citizens. we oath to participate fully on this exercise because we are the democrat without us they won’t be government.

  3. this is our political right and it is good we participate in the Election process of our state.

  4. this is really impressive..at least it shows that our youth now know their right as citizens

  5. Yes u are right even if some students thinks it’s not important to them with time the will understand what it needs to have a voter’s card and the value
    Quiz number:18
    Group number :(15A)

  6. Okonkwo chukwunonso victor

    They will so understand that they are perform their civil right , student will so understand that will participate in the election is one of our civil responsibity , and we student must learn that, so our country we be better.

  7. Its a necessary participation, and a good improvement, for students to know the importance of owing a voters card. (20).

  8. it is good to exercise your rights as a citizen

  9. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    is good that youth have learnt to exercise their citizenship.
    group no:15A
    quiz no:31

  10. It is always good to know our rights as citizens and this is one of our rights

  11. It doesn’t matter if the rig the election or not your right is your right and this is our right

  12. INEC commence a two days voters registration in Anambra state which took place in both urban and rural areas in the state.in my local government(AYAMELUM)wher students do not participate because our local government that consist of 8 communities have only one machine for the registration…EMEKA JAMES(lagos group 15b)24

  13. good thing student s participate alot.atleasyt they knew the value
    quiz no 27

  14. It is very good to see students engage in electoral practices

  15. The independent National Électoral commission (INEC) of continouse registration of voter’s card in Anambra state. The activities took places in some local government. it was only secondary school with few old women and men that paticipated in the registration.
    In Abb oye, Dulukofia local government, where secondray school student and some old men and women came for the registration.it started around 8am.
    In an interview, a secondary school know as Mmesomma said that she came early around 5am after Morning mass and also manage to brush her teeth so that to be early for the registration and it is her first time for her to participate on The registration
    In another interview to the staff know by mrs okonkwo chinyere,she said she is very sorry for wasting their time because it is only one system that is working that the should come next week or any time the have chance the should come for the registration but it must be on thursday and friday because it is free.
    it is good to register for the voter’s card because it help you to vote during election no be so

  16. The independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of continouse registration of voter’s card in Anambra state. The activity started on monday 8 may 2017 took place in some many local government, urban and rural area, it was only the student who are above 18 and some old men and women that participated on the registration.
    In Abbé oye, Dulukofia local government area where secindary school student of difference schools and some old men and women came for the registration which started around 8:30am.
    In an interview, a secondary school student named Mmesomma said that she came around 6am after Morning that she manage to brush her teeth and she is Happy to be their for the registration because it is her first to do so.
    In another interview to one of the staffs she said the are very sorry for wasting their time that the should come next week or any time the have chance and it will be on thursday’s and friday’s for the registration.
    she also said that it is good to take part in the registration because it will help you to vote during election.
    group (15b)
    quiz no(21)

  17. Okeke Chiamaka Gabriella Number:21

    it is very necessary to have a voters card, because every vote counts apart from that it can be requested for different purpose in a state
    GROUP 15A
    NO 21

  18. It’s our right

  19. Aguinam-Ojukwu Faustina

    It is very necessary to have a voters card,it can be asked anywhere for it,it is one of our right

  20. It’s something which every citizen should partake in,so that they can also know their rights as citizens.

  21. Student should endeavor to participate more in the electoral system so that they can do more to in politics in the future

  22. This is very important.

    Its our right as a citizen.

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