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Mind Your Business! Stella Damasus Shares Photos to Shame those Calling her ‘Husband Snatcher’

Nollywood stars are expected to be role models. But when some of them do the unexpected their followers and fans get angry with them. Some other stars also get unnecessarily accused by fans who suspect that they are indulging in acts unbecoming of role models.

We do not know which of these angles was the case of Nollywood Actress, Stella Damasus, who had a face-off with a follower who called her a ‘husband snatcher’ after she shared beautiful photos she took with her husband, Daniel Ademinokan.

What we know is that she has written a rejoinder to the face-off.

According to her, the ‘enemy’ is afraid of what she shares and about to achieve with her husband, and so sends his people he has kept in his prison of hate to steal joy and peace.

Here’s what she wrote, as she shared more photos that has her husband in it;

“Even the enemy is afraid of what we have and what we are about to achieve together. He sends his people he has kept in his prison of hate to steal joy and peace. I am excited because the battle has already been won. God works in mysterious ways and I am so in love with him.
When Jesus is the centre of your joy, nothing, not even the powers of hell can change that. Marriages are in trouble all over the world because the enemy is trying to destroy what is left of humanity and love so he fills it with hate.

I am one of those who have chosen to fight the good fight and pray for marriages all over the world. Will give you more info as regards the marriage conference series we are putting together.
People don’t know that all the venom they have spewed on us have given us so much content for our conference. TURN YOUR PAIN TO SUCCESS.
Excited about this one Boo @dabishop007 I love you so much #pepperdemgang #actor#producer #director #recording #artist#instagood #stelladamasus #coach#speaker #marriage #conference”

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source: lailasblog

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  1. That is a good idea atleast it will help save marraiges that are in the edge of destruction.

  2. Nwankwo Deborah Ogechi 2016054130

    people should really learn how to mind their business in other for them to live longer and younger….

  3. chidume happiness

    Molly wood with their naughty attitude,, people should also learn how to mind their business and stop poke nosing in another people affairs. Quiz no 102

  4. Blessed are those who mind their business

    Quiz no 73

    Group 4

  5. well i will advice some people should remove the specks in their eyes before removing trying to remove the one in another.
    Group number 8
    Quiz number 97

  6. chikaogwu Chioma

    The way people go about intruding in other people’s life style is really irritating….

  7. Minding ones business is really a good thing,for those who follow peoples husbands its not bad if you get yours.
    Quiz no:72
    Group 1

  8. It’s probably for humans to mind their business and not to put word to others pocket.

  9. It’s probably for humans to mind their business and not to put word to others pocket.

  10. Agina Gloria Ebele

    In life people around must talk either positively or negatively.the only thing is to be confident in yourself and forge ahead with your life,quiz no (76).

  11. What God has joined together let no man or woman put asunder….. God is at work dear. Keep the good work going dear.

  12. Ezenwajiugo Somto Prosper

    there z always an element of truth behind every rumour…still observing this marriage..(group10..quiz no33

  13. This is one problem people don’t know how to control,they should mind their business. .people who want to put mouth into other people’s matter

  14. Uzor Cecilia Ifunanya

    I’m almost certain that the husband’s ex wife is the brain behind this accusation.
    She can’t just deal with the fact that her former husband is done with her and is now happy with Stella.. And Stella did so well by sharing her lovely pictures….Make person wey wan quench..quench wella..
    Good riddance

  15. Ohijeh Blessing

    Nice move Stella

  16. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    I love that her courage wise woman… unique actress

  17. my dear am really proud of you, don’t mind the wagging tongue let them continue,if you are not been talked about check yourself, so definitely people must talk.

  18. Erokwu crystal chinelo

    People sometimes have to learn to paddle their own canoe.
    Group number: 15
    Quiz number: 20

  19. People should mind their business so some one will not Interfere in theirs
    Quiz no: 9
    Group 15 A

  20. Onyia Ogochukwu Mary

    In anything you people must talk weather good or bad. But I think it will be better if people will mind their business and stop intruding in other people’s affairs.
    Quiz no 125

  21. I just don’t know when us Nigerians will start minding our own business. .Happy fr u dar
    quiz 124
    group 14

  22. Iloegbunem Emily Ebele

    Finally she has gotten another husband… People should let her be, she has been without a husband for long. I’m happy for her.

  23. Igbokwe cynthia c

    That is reallly take, some marriage are made in heaven, thiz seems like one of them………. 2015054100

  24. Obaze marycynthia

    That is a wonderful union…. 2015054084

  25. vivian ezeh chinaecherem

    people actually love seeing married people separate…interfering in people’s affair poke nosing in family matter that those not concerns them….stella pepper them jare

  26. Anyway that’s the disadvantage of cheating, double dating,and divorce… cus if this man didn’t include another woman in his life quite knowing that he has another… this wouldn’t have happen but all the way women should learn to respect scared vow made by two couples either than forcing their busy body there

  27. Ebeledike ifunanya love

    Stella from Nolly wood is a role model in the movie it’s normal for people to gossip with her. And in the issue of minding their business is impossible for people to do that

  28. people should learn how to mind their own business rather than interfering in people’s matter.

  29. what on earth will the do to some people that will make them mind their own business rather than intruding in another person’s case.

  30. okeke chiamaka gabriella

    humans should learn to mind their business

  31. people should mind their business to avoid misquoting people…

  32. In this world, people like talking but they should respect their humanity and mind what is minding them
    Quiz no 120

  33. she did d right thing, d lady who called her a husband snatcher is probably envious because it wasn’t recorded that Stella’s husband is or was hers, all these jobless home wreckers will b put to Shame
    quiz no: 118
    group: 6
    reg no: 2016054050



  35. ndubisi Chidimma Lilian 2016054080

    People like putting Dere mouth in someone business,wot God have put together let no man put assunder

  36. I don’t know why people will be taking parasol for someelse headache.they should mind their business

  37. People will never cease to bad mouth others.
    Group no:10

  38. lol… shame them oh.. people will not mind their own business .wish you the best with your husband

  39. Bad belle people. I don’t know why people find pleasure in not minding their own business. Dey go just carry person matter for head.
    Quiz no:156

  40. It’s really no one’s business. stella’s marriage life is her concern and no one else’s. people should stop masterminding trouble and be happy for others at least once.

  41. Stop being an intruder in someone’s marriage or family, face yourself/ family. quiz no 8 group 11.

  42. Good one, people should mind their business
    quiz no:94

  43. Okere Favour Udochi

    I don’t see what is wrong with an actress to share lovely pictures of her husband. Fans of nowadays are now intruding in personal matters, and which is not meant to be like that, they should learn how to mind their business.
    Group no:9
    Reg no:2016054054

  44. Nigerians and too much talk. I’ll just call it jealousy
    reg no. 2016054109
    qiz no. 99

  45. people should mind their business because we may mis-interprete

  46. I dont know what people gain in interfering in ones marriage life. There is nothing bad in getting your own husband
    quiz no 64

  47. ifediniru chidike

    comport yourself for you are a star to avoid this unbecoming excos.
    group 1:
    quiz no :148

  48. ifejika celestine

    being a star doesn’t entail misconduct in behaviour.

  49. ifejika celestine

    being a star doesn’t entail misconduct in behaviour.
    group 2
    No 149

  50. Naija and their gossips

    People should always mind their business

  51. people like to gossip and say what does not concern them,please stop interfering on some1 matter,Mrs Stella go on with marriage
    quiz no:98

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