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Media Convergence! What does it mean? 

Media Convergence! What does it mean? 

Media convergence is a polygamous marriage of various information dissemination channels made possible by digitization of the communication environment. The main pillar coordinating the marriage is the internet. Media convergence is a term used to refer to the merging of previously distinct information dissemination channels into one outlet. This is made possible primarily by the emergence of internet technology. A typical example is the fact that you can use your mobile device or laptop to watch television, read newspaper, listen radio, and even engage the social media at the same time. This is technological advancement at its peak especially in the communication environment. The best that can happen now is improvements on convergence. But the fact remains that convergence of distinct media outlets through the digital process is a disruptive technological development that has redefined mass communication to an extent. You may not classify the various mass media categories as entirely parallel
Communication channels because through the concept of media convergence they could have a meeting point in that someone can be exposed to up to four mass media channels at the same time even while on transit. But note that this is a marriage of strange bed fellows. Radio is radio, TV is TV, newspaper is newspaper; and convergence does not change the fact that these are still distinct communication channels to a large extent. Their basic definitions still reflect their exclusivity. However convergence has made process of exposure easier for the audience to the advantage of media owners.

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