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Media as an enterprise: what does this mean?

The media are crucial parts of any society. They play the basic roles of information, education and entertainment. The mass media such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, online news platforms, provide information that serves as the live wire of the society. But the media are not just news channels, they also exist as business ventures which aim at making profit from the numerous products they offer to the public. The existence of the media as businesses is what is primarily referred to as “the media as an enterprise”.

An enterprise is an organization that is set out to make profit. The media offer products such as news stories, articles in newspapers, television and radio programmes, interesting talk shows, movies, among many others. These products have to be professionally packaged to appeal to the audiences in a competitive media market. If media owners do not see and treat media organizations as business enterprise they will go bankrupt and crash out of the market. The media as an enterprise means that the media are businesses which exist in a market (media market) that follows the laws of demand and supply, see the audiences as customers in the market, and have major aims of making profit in the market.

Watch the video below for more on the media as an enterprise;

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