Tuesday , January 25 2022

Massmediang launches UniversitybooksNG, first online bookstore for text books written by Nigerian scholars

Massmediang, a top platform for communication and media related information has added a unique online bookstore to its stable.

The online bookstore, universitybooksNG, is the first digital platform for the sale of mass communication books written by Nigerian  scholars. The focus of the online bookstore for now is communication and media studies text books, monographs and research materials but this could expand to accommodate other disciplines in the social sciences in future.

UniversitybooksNG protects authors works from piracy in various ways among which is encryption of files (no one can  share your work after download without authorization).

Other features are as follows:

*every page will have a QR code watermark on bottom right corner. Once scanned with any Android / iOS device it gives information for the buyer in case the file is pirated online / offline.
*Buyer Info in PDF header
*Disable PDF Printing
*Disable PDF Modification
*Disable Annotation forms

Your work is safe on universitybooksNG.com

During the lock down, physical copies of your books were indoors with you in your house also avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic just like you. But books online were not on lock down. If you had your text book on any online bookstore like Universitybooksng.com you would have been receiving alerts from sales even while on total lock down.

At UniversitybooksNG.com you monitor the sale of your books by yourself. You create an account as a vendor, then have a dashboard where you’ll see how many copies of your book have been sold. You get your money once purchase is made. What comes to the bookstore is commission.So you are in control of how much you make.This is one major advantages you enjoy with UniversitybooksNG.com.

UniversitybooksNG is readers paradise. It is where you get the books you need.

About Chinenye Nwabueze

Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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