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Mass Communication Jobs & Salary in Nigeria

Mass communication is an exciting discipline with different interesting branches that people can specialize in. This is one of the professional courses in Nigeria that most students want to study in the higher institutions. The truth about mass communication is that it is a very wide course and its beyond journalism, even though that is the major course in this field where most people build successful careers in.
Though there are interesting career prospects in mass communication, most of them offer relatively poor salaries which often discourage people from staying long in these job areas. But this is not enough to stop anyone from getting into this profession because it provides very relevant experience that you could use to fit into any other job area. Here is what the salary salary looks like in mass communication jobs areas in Nigeria, as compiled by nigerianinfopedia.com.

Mass Communication Salary in Nigeria

Professionals in the field of mass communication are known to earn higher salaries due to their many years of experience. This is in contrast to those who just want to start a career in the field. An editor salary for example in one of the private newspaper publishing companies in the country is estimated at N300,000 to N400,000 per month minus bonuses while a graduate who starts as a reporter earns N50,000 to N120,000 depending on the media firm.
While these figures above might be seen as a discouragement to some, it shows that only professionals in the job enjoy bonuses as opposed to starters. Although, few sectors pay mass communication professionals well, we can’t say the same for the public sector.

Below are jobs and salaries of the various aspects of mass communication this 2018.

Journalism & Mass Media

The job you get after studying Journalism is being a journalist. As one of the popular segments of mass communication, you learn how to write news stories, arrange it in a way that will suit your audience whilst reporting your stories in an objective manner. Most print media houses in the country offer vacancies for the role of correspondents, reporters, editors and proof readers these days.

You can build a career in journalism as a graduate and become relevant to the society, if you choose to study this course in any of the tertiary institutions in the country offering mass communication. The only pitfall in this category is that the take home pay in this field is too low when you put it side by side with other professions.

For instance, entry level journalists in The Sun Newspapers who starts as reporters earn about N50,000 while if you work at The Punch Newspaper as a reporter, you earn N150,000 plus other benefits. While both media houses are owned by private individuals, one pays higher than the other. Government owned media firms pay entry level staff from N90,000 to N120,000 depending on grade and years of experience. Although, subject to increment as you rise in level.

Industries & Business

Vacancies and jobs under this category include research analysts, media consultants, information and marketing analysts and so on. Here, mass communication professionals are employed in industries and businesses where there relevant course of study can be used.

The salary for media consultants are normally on the high as a graduate, you can earn as much as N100,000 on average, if you get a job in any firm that requires you services. For those experienced in this aspect, the salary scale should be between N250,000 to N400,000 depending if its on contractual basis or if you are a full staff. Normally, retired editors or lecturers are those who get this kind of mass communication jobs in Nigeria.

Education sector

After getting your degree in mass communication, you can choose to work as a professional in the education sector. Vacancies in the university as a mass communication lecturer, graduate assistant, teacher in Journalism studies are just but a few jobs you can get under this category.

The entry level salary for lecturing job in a Federal university is estimated at N120,000 on average for level 8. Depending on the job description in this sector, some educational institutes pay less than N50,000 while some private universities pay higher salaries than the figures above.

Public Relations Specialist/Advertising

This is one of high paying jobs in mass communication. For those who wish to enroll as PR specialists, media specialists or managers, publicity directors, social media experts or even graphic designers for advert agencies, the salaries here are mouth watering.
Professionals here mostly work on contract basis and earn as high as N100,000 to N250,000 for creating ads, writing press release, building social media presence online for organizations, etc.


Being an expert in the field of mass communication require diligence and hard work if you must build a solid career base. Most students looking for how much mass communication professionals earn in Nigeria should find the information written here handy when picking this course to study at the university.

Source: Nigerianinfopedia.com

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