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(Re)Positioning The Social Responsibility Theory in Defense of Vernacular Mass Media in Kenya: Going Forward

John Oluoch, Jerry Agalo, Peter Day




In order to objectively understand the nature and the role of media in peace and conflict management, it is important to understand the various ways through which the media influences conflict and conflict management. Howard (2015) points out that majority of scholars and researchers have concentrated on the role of media in economic, social and political issues affecting states with little attention being given to conflicts. Further, he posits that media impact on conflict management is an emerging area that has been under studied due to lack of multidisciplinary models and concepts that would view the media’s role from the realm of peace and conflict.


Social Responsibility Theory and the Study of Journalism Ethics in Japan


Seijiro Tsukamoto


This article analyzes why journalism ethics has remained a subfield of journalism law in Japan rather than having become a distinct field of study in its own right. The historical reasons for this situation are traced to the introduction of the concept of social responsibility1 to postwar Japan. Premises of the Hutchins Commission and the American Society of Newspaper Editors are contrasted with a number of Japanese perspectives about the proper role of news media in society and the resolution of journalistic dilemmas. The evolution of journalism education and relationships between educators and practitioners are discussed.



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Nwabueze is a communication researcher with several years of lecturing experience in Nigerian universities.

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