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Married Woman Pays Professional Cuddler $80 Per Hour To Always Cuddle Her

She says she misses the human contact so the best option is to go for a professional cuddler.

A woman has revealed that she spends time away from her husband paying a professional cuddler $80 (about £58) per hour to cuddle her.

Sakia reveals that her husband absolutely has no problem with this.

She uses a service called Cuddlist to hire blokes to come in and give her a lovely hug whilst she’s away working to pursue her acting career in New York.

Saskia has to be away from her husband Arthur for long periods of time, and desires the human touch that she’d get from a nice cuddle at home.

Saskia says she just misses the human contact. Credit: Barcroft/Love Don’t Judge

With that in mind, and keeping things all accountable and above board, she pays professionals to come in and give her a cuddle.

She told Love Don’t Judge: “Many people would think that it’s odd that I access cuddling services because I’m married.

“But screw it, I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. I love affection and I love how it makes my body feel.”

Arthur isn’t bothered by it. Credit: Barcroft/Love Don’t Judge

Of her husband, she added: “I’m 99 per cent sure he does not get jealous of cuddling because I check in with him, and talk to him about it.

“He’s more protective of me than jealous so as long as I’m safe it’s good.”

Arthur added: “Saskia and I have a monogamous relationship but I don’t feel like cuddling violates the integrity of that.

“Saskia likes a lot of contact and she’s very comfortable around other people and she’s very affectionate.

“When we’re together we cuddle all the time so I can understand why she would need that human contact.”

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As for the cuddler himself, he says that business is currently better than it ever has been.

In fact, he’s getting 200 requests for his specialist services each week through the website.

He said: “I have all kinds of clients that are all kinds of ages.

“Men, women, older clients, younger clients that are there for personal touch and human interaction and that’s what I value about it.”

Saskia concluded that you shouldn’t lay down any judgement on it until you’ve given it a go yourself.

She added: “I would recommend every single person try cuddling because it makes you feel human,

“I’m not breaking an agreement with my husband, I’m not breaking the law, I’m just having something that’s really yummy and great.”


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