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Man who tried to surprise babe with a gift left heartbroken after he caught her cheating

An Online vendor has narrated how a man who happened to be her customer caught his babe cheating while trying to surprise her with a gift.

Sharing the story, the lady revealed that the man who is outside the country employed her to surprise his girlfriend with a gift.

While employing her service, the man pleaded that the vendor should do a video call when she reach the babe’s house.

The lady did as she was instructed but the expected excitement and joy transitioned into a shameful scenario after the babe was caught with another man.

Upon seeing what his woman was doing in the house he rented for her, the man was left devastated.

Read the story below;

”A follower on Twitter asked I visit his gf today in Lagos since I said today is visiting day.

I picked up gift items for her like he instructed. I took a ride to her house for the surprise visit. Got to her compound and called her line severally, she didn’t pickup.

Someone came Out of the compound and I asked of Julie(not her real name). I was directed to her flat. Few steps from her flat I heard moaning

I convinced myself that maybe her friend was using her room, besides it could be anything. He pleaded I do a video call when I get there.

I did call him and I started knocking and awaiting responses.

She came out after few minutes in towel wraps. While I was explaining why I came around and I switched from front cameras to back camera the dude inside came out calling her.

The lady was trying to close the door but it was too late.

I left really unhappy. Her bf is outside the country, took out time to make her feel happy and she does this.

He literally cried when he saw another man in the house he pays for. He said a lot of things & I was weak.

I only wanted to surprise his gf. Didn’t know it will end this way. Why are some people so lucky to see good men yet they misbehave?
He comes home 3 times a year, flies you out twice a years so you see him, spoils you good & you to hurt them.

Shey I will not stop this visit like this. This one that first visit has started bad. I just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces oo”

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