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Man Who Survived Helicopter Crash Gets Sliced To Death While Being Rescued By Another Chopper (Photos)

This is the moment a helicopter crash survivor was killed by this chopper which came to save him
Photos have shown the moment a helicopter crash survivor was sliced to death by the second chopper which came to save him.
According to The Sun UK, the man had been stranded on the Colombian hills of Cauca for a week after his Helify helicopter broke down.
Footage starts with the desperate man waving his hands frantically in the air as the rescue chopper begins to descend towards the ground.
Two technicians can be seen standing in front of the crash survivor, directing the pilot to the best place to land.
In a dramatic turn of events, the helicopter underwent what experts have called a dynamic rollover.
The rescue chopper can be seen tipping to the side
The pilot struggled to control the landing on such a steep hill and the aircraft tipped to the side.
The survivor and the pilot of the rescue chopper, Ivan Andres Lopez Londono, died in the incident.
Horrified viewers took to social media to express their shock.
One person wrote on Twitter: “How awful. This is terrible.”
Another added: “An accident happens in a second. I hurt and feel sad for the family.”

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  1. Martinezeiru Mmesoma Mirian

    This is terrible may his soul rest in peace amen

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    This is so terrible..I feel so sad for his people

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