Tuesday , February 20 2024

Man Threatens to ‘rape’ Juliet Ibrahim, See Her Reaction

A Ghanaian man has threatened to rape actress Juliet Ibrahim.

The man known on Twitter as Richie dropped the distasteful comment on Juliet’s page . He wrote: ‘I dnt support rape buh u@julietibrahim nkuaaa de3 agt u aa ago rape u herrr.’

Reacting to the comment, the actress wrote: ‘This twitter user has just threatened to rape me according to his tweet on my twitter handle today! Pls retweet until the law takes its course against such rapists in society! He must be arrested! @GhPoliceService @richier71342242 that’s his image thanks.’

Some social media users think Juliet Ibrahim overreacted since the man was probably joking while others think the man should be dealt with since a serious matter such as rape should not be joked with.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think the guy was only joking and should be left alone or should the police take action?


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  1. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Lol… this one wants to get arrested.. or is looking publicity

  2. Omenuko Adaobi Promise

    Shameful guy

  3. Chidozie Chiazokam Jennifer

    This guy is not serious

  4. Okeke Chioma Onyinye

    Well it is not wise for anyone to joke with such a thing. They should just warn the guy but I don’t think he meant any harm

  5. The police should better take action,i wont even take that as a joke

  6. Egbuwalo Teniola Glory

    Joke or not it should be looked into because Naso e dey start.

  7. I believe no sane person will publicly come out and say he’d rape someone knowing the implications. So left for me, I think he was just joking. Probably he’s one of her admirers

  8. This really should be handled…. #Saynotorape only animals do that, some animals are even civil

  9. He must have been joking about it, but wawu!!! It landed him to trouble

  10. This is not a joke

    I’m glad she reported him

  11. Ugochukwu Juliet

    Rape is the new trend smh

  12. Empty threat tho

  13. This is stupidity empty threat

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