Monday , December 5 2022

Man Sentenced 45-Years in Prison for Shooting Dead Police Dog

A black man in Ohio, United States who killed a K-9 police dog has been sentenced to 34 years for the incident that resulted in shooting the dog and 11 years for additional crimes.

Kelontre Barefield, 23, pleaded guilty to both shooting the dog, Jethro and four unrelated burglary charges and an aggravated robbery charges, according to the Stark County Clerk of Courts.

Barefield’s actions were called ‘intolerable’ by Stark County Common Pleas Judge Kristin G. Farmer.

She said Barefield violated ‘the safety and security of this county and the people sworn to protect it’.

Jethro was killed in January after being shot multiple times while responding to a burglary at a grocery store, according to officials.

Police exchanged fire with Barefield, eventually shooting the 23-year-old in the ankle and taking him into custody.

During the exchange, Jethro was shot three times.

Farmer added the longevity of the sentence ‘reflects not only the seriousness of Jethro’s death and the fact that he shot at two officers but also the terror inflicted on victims of the burglaries and aggravated robbery’.

He received the collective 45-year sentence for both of his pending cases.

Barefield reportedly took the plea deal after his public defenders assured him it would be difficult to find an impartial jury after Jethro’s death was made public in the media, the Cleveland Scene reported.

Barefield said ‘he felt his attorneys were there for a paycheck’ and didn’t have his best interests in mind, but after reasoning with him he agreed to the deal.

Jethro’s handler, Canton Police Department Officer Ryan Davis, said he was devastated by the loss of his partner, who he had worked with since Jethro was an eight-week-old puppy.

I’m here because he did what he did.

‘I would trade places with him in a heartbeat. Absolutely, because I wouldn’t have to sit here and suffer over the loss of him.

‘He’s left a hole that will never be filled. He gave his life for me,’ Davis told CBS News.


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